Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank you, prof.

Here’s a note from Prof. Nikhil Moro of the US. Felt good and hence posting it. The correction will be carried out ASAP.
“I'm curious about the hyphen in the title. By using the hyphen aren't you making your title an adjective -- when there's no noun to follow! Perhaps it's the old copy editor in me talking but wouldn't your title be better off as "Global Madrasi"? I totally enjoy your (very idiosyncratic) blog -- it's sensitive, honest, refreshing. I'm bookmarking it.”


  1. :)

    That's a really acute observation.

  2. Baap re! And I thought that I was a sucker for correct english. Kudos! I like I like :)

  3. Where’s the correction? :)

  4. Like Fida I too ask, where is the correcton?