Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mirror, change the figure

My darling Mirror looked at me with a sulking face. Naturally, it just did its job of reflecting.
Why was I sulking?
Oh, there is a list.
To renew my daughter’s passport in Chennai, we need an affidavit from Dubai consulate as I work here. The bureaucracy. Ooof.
Eight of my qualified friends need jobs. May be, I will go back to Mumbai and start a Sales Academy where everyone on earth can get a job.
My close buddy is a six times Guinness record holder. He struggles in Mumbai even to buy a decent roof, while trillions of rupees are looted by politicians and we can just talk, blog and go to sleep. Now scams are not in lakhs, millions or billions, but trillions.
Hey stop. Mirror, mirror, change the figure.
And there I go: A little workout, a sip of optimism, and a wide smile.
I am not going to give up buddy.
Let’s not allow the corrupt society to snatch our happiness even for a minute.
Maybe a joke (picked from the Net) can bring back the smile faster.
“Mulla. Lend me $50,” said the neighbour.
“I give you 25.”
“Give $50 please.”
“$25 is better as the loss is even for both of us. You lose 25, I lose 25.”


  1. New joke after years.. hmm... good one....

  2. Yes, we talk, blog about corruption and go to sleep! Only the small fish go to jail, the big fish enjoy life!

    The joke is logically correct and good!

  3. Hope that the mirror changes the present corrupt figure of our country very soon .
    Loved the joke :)

  4. Beautiful presentation. Enjoyed reading the bitter truth .

  5. Corruption is the single biggest problem, which is eating up this country's resources. With the lawmakers and politicians all deeply involved, I wonder whom we must look at for punishing the guilty.

  6. Those are facts, what you said about the jobless, scams in trillions, corruption at its best ever...

    The joke is awesome, equally losing lol :)

  7. Yeah, why lose our smile for these things. I like the Mulla joke :D

  8. we blog. we crib. but tell me what else we can do? vote sensibly right? but we pay for insensibility of millions! state CM sacked twice, still the government is going strong! PM does not have powers! still the government is there! all are corrupt. even the opposition. ek chor ko nikalo to dusra kursi pe aa jaata hai!

  9. Agreed. Please lend me $100000. I'm willing to accept a loss of $50000. :)

  10. yeah we just talk blog and sleep. very few work against it.

  11. dont silk my happy always:)

  12. hey dont sulk my friend,be happy always:)

  13. intellgent da nee...impressed i am..:)

  14. hmm, wat to do! :(
    but i liked the joke :P hehe
    anyways, at least u r fine amongst ur social grous, be grateful! :D

  15. Had been watching all the scam reporting on TV, ahh the way this country runs but as you say, the life goes on with a smile.

  16. hmm....Corruption is everywhere...and we all are some way or other either inventing it or part of it...corruption spreads because of us...and our trying to get a short way to reach the destination....

    If we stop helping will soon die...

    But someone has to take a first step...

    hmm...optimisim is the best way to keep going on in life...may be this is the only way...and also our HOPES...DREAMS...and HARD WORK...would be great help too....

    Good POst...Ramesh...Good Luck with your challenges...May Allah help you all...Ameen.

  17. WEll thats what we are good at CRIBBING and also
    when people make a statement or raise a VOICE we make sure we try to put them down too, Thats what we are good at.
    We show we mean to be with them but then when the time comes to show solidarity we easily and conveniently turn our face and move sideways ...

    Thats what we do ...

    Till we are true to ourself in our own HEART.. we will never be able to change anything.. we all have some sort of hidden agenda in our own hearts against anyone else .. so how can we expect things to be right.. and yet we CRIB and then CRIB at people who actaully say something on those issues...

    This is US the PEOPLE...

    I liked the joke too, balanced loss


  18. Eight of your qualified friends need jobs? Very sad, Ain't it? the global job market is really pathetic. i too know of a double master's from an US univ. hunting for a job for the past 8 months

    Yup, buddy don't give up and you ended all the gloomy scenarios with a nice joke.

  19. As you rightly say only the small fish find themselves imprisoned whilst the big fry get to swim another day. So interesting and kind of scary to hear this kind of thing which I'm sure the powers-that-be would rather go unsaid.

  20. I wish I had the magic mirror - I'd give you half of it ;)

  21. like the joke
    C was telling the B and D and R both laugh

  22. பொலம்பாதேடா!

    Sulking child gets a lolly pop in the end!

  23. Hope you got the passport renewed. :) Thanks for the smile. :D

  24. You are not the only one sulking, Ramesh:) Such is lfe...up and down. One has to roll with the punches!
    The joke was good:)

  25. Corruption is becoming a dangerous way of life and sad how we are unable to do anything meaningful to stop it.