Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chocolate boy

The boy with a broad smile thrust a chocolate in my hand when I entered office.
Who can resist chocolate?
As I read somewhere, a survey revealed that 9 out of 10 people said they loved chocolate. The tenth one lied.
I showered praise on him, gave a hug and rushed to my seat.
I then merrily bit the bar, hoping to cherish the melting moment.
Phewww. I spat it out at the same speed that I gulped it.
It was bitter, acidic, pungent and much more.
The boy laughed out loud.
“It was Dark Chocolate,” he smiled.
“But why did you give me dark chocolate? I love sweet ones,” I reacted angrily.
“It is just that dark chocolate is good for the brain. I thought I could help you,” smiled the boy.
“You are like chocolate yourself,” I told him.
When he smiled, I added: “Full of nuts.”


  1. As always, you make me smile :)

    Did you know that we eat the most chocolate? The Swiss, that is. I guess that's why we have so many hiking trails, so we can keep eating that stuff.

    Seriously though, I am the 11. person... not much of a chocolate fan, and I sure don't like the dark variety, healthy or not.

    Oh, and btw, I know you... so there's enough sweetness in my life :)

  2. Hello Rameshji

    Long time I commented on your blog ... Had a good laugh ... Really funny incident : )

  3. I liked it. The gesture of the boy should be appreciated, irrespective of the chocolate was sweet or bitter

    M Mazharul Haque

  4. I too don't like chocolate, but I loved this chocolate post!

  5. heheh! that was lovely but honestly I am not lying... i really do not like chocolates :P

  6. ha ha...I was laughing from the line, "the tenth one lied" - till the end!! :) Nice post, I love chocolates and yes the milk, plain or sweet but never the dark one!!

    Cheers bro!! :)

  7. i always like chocolate...

    and yours nice post


  8. But I know of some people who like dark chocolate too. They will do anything for a bar of chocolate. (I like the milky variety)

  9. I like all flavours of chocolates and I specially liked your sense of timing while commenting :-)

  10. The tenth one lied - agree completely. Er...I actually like Dark Chocolate too. Any chocolate will do - just not caramel or candy. Only chocolate pls. :)))

    1. Mom WAD..hii am not able to post comment on your blog buddy...plz check and stay connected...wishes

  11. lol
    every one loves chocolate

  12. Hahaha... I love chocolates too but hate dark chocolates.

  13. Hahaha..Same thing happened with me too.. My brother brought awesome chocs from Ireland..I was preggu at that time, so my mom advised me not 2 hav chocs as it could add to the heat content in my body.You wont believe my hubby finished eating 2 dabbas of chocolate within a week !!!And pure dark chocolates were left for me,which I put it in the wastebin.. :)

    Sangeetha Menon

  14. i am laughing reading this....coz i love dark chocolate and spit out those sugary milk chocolate ones...so i would be reacting same way if someone gave me sweet milk chocolates and I had a bite unknowingly!!!!!!