Monday, April 1, 2013

NextGen connection

It was a hot coffee session and my colleague infuriated me by complaining about the modern generation.
“These youngsters! They do not have manners and just want quick money. No sweat, all gold is what they look for.”
“Stop,” I almost throttled him.
Socrates passed the same judgment hundreds of years ago. “Our youth love luxury. They have bad manners, show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise,” he had mentioned.
Every generation seems to have a problem with GenNext. In the past two decades, technology has swept the world upside down. Youngsters are enterprising and I am struggling to grapple with their amazing speed.
Just yesterday, I tried to chat with a young friend.
“All OK right?” I asked.
“Can’t you write OK? How much time will you lose?”
“Leave it. ?4U,” she wrote.
“What is that?” I asked innocently.
“I have a question for you.”
“Shoot,” I replied, happy that I could also be crisp.
“Do you know any good dentist?
I gave a name.
“But he is expensive. WOMBAT.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
 “Waste of money, brains and time.”
“BTW, So many people write XOXOXO. What’s it?” I asked.
“Oh that's an affectionate way of saying Hugs & Kisses,” she said.
I blushed without any reason.
“Anyway, SIG2R.”
“Sorry, I got to run,” she explained.
“Ya, better do that before you say WOMBAT to me,” I replied.
“10Q,” she signed off.
That was supposed to be “Thank You.” 


  1. I think I will need to start school all over again, to understand the GenNext language! LOL (that's one thing I know)!

  2. Wheel is taking a full circle.
    We mst have done this to our parents too.
    But,it's fun

  3. So true. I think it is the job of the current generation to moan about the next who in turn will moan about the next and so on.

  4. Thats the cycle, there is always a problem with the NExt Gen and I hate this butchered writing!

  5. ha ha...that was funny! :)

    I personally believe everyone should respect a language - be it English or our mother tongue or whatever. Anything that is written in such weird form is but insulting the language. I never used nor will use such short form of writing.

    A really good topic you choose to write on, Cheers bro!! :)

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  7. These abbreviations are mostly expressions rather than hving definite meanings, i.e. "LOL doesn't mean Lots of Love!!" (I ws told long back)

    The GenNext have hilarious jokes on their not so savvy parents.

  8. Beautiful writeup... I think these tiny forms are developed for sending sms. In sms you have to express the whole things with in 160 letters. Then it followed to social media.


  9. Very interesting. I find today's youngsters quite cool

  10. Wow! My internet slang quotient goes shooting high up thanks to this post :) But the sad part with this culture is how bad their spelling goes. In one post of mine, I remember arguing with a kid about the joys of letter writing v/s FB, chatting, etc. And the argument goes on.....and on......and on...LOL!

  11. I thought i knew more Internet slangs but when i see this post i understood "Known is a drop".
    There are 2 kind of views on the slang words: one as few people think why to short the words that look good as they are. The other is consider this as a new language being created. English is a mix of many languages again. I'm nowadays moving out from the former view to later.
    I google everytime when i chat with my nephews.. Few are xD, xOxO, rofl, skool, skoul, skwl, w'sup, wateva, waz ^, idl, etc..

  12. Trying to reconcile. Incidentally WOMBAT is an animal with lot of fur found in Tasmania.

  13. Okay WOMBAT is totally new to me. I hate it when people do not type the entire word. Sigh, I can imagine your plight.

  14. WOMBAT? Cool… ;) It is scary sometimes to speak to these young things too. I remember a friend's daughter embarassing me with "This is so last year". No respect I tell you. So what if we are a little slow, we are getting there no?