Friday, May 17, 2013

Bugging idea by UN

During my childhood days, my brother used to hold a live bee or grasshopper on his hand and make me run for miles in fear. If he repeats that now, I may grab the insect and gulp it. By doing so, I would just be following an advice from the United Nations that edible insects offer a solution to world hunger.
According to a report issued this week by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, two billion people already consume insects as part of a regular diet.
The UN says that eating insects (high in protein, low in fat) can help fight global warming and hunger. It suggests people try red ants, bees, caterpillars, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, wasps and certain types of water beetles.
Eating insects reminds me of a touching scene from the 1973 film, Papillon, where the hero, Steve McQueen, languishes in solitary confinement, eating cockroaches.
The UN idea has drawn varied comments on the social media. “I do not want to enter an insect restaurant,” says one. “Better redistribute food than give such bugging ideas,” comments another. “What about those eating bugs killed with a pesticide?” asks the third one.
As for me, the worry is where will I go for a vegetarian insect!


  1. No insects for me... veg or non veg. the idea is repulsive.

  2. seriously!!!! :P :P ROFL at the question!! of all the issues that's what is the worry :P :P

  3. What a coincidence.
    Only the other day Rahul Gandhi termed india as Beehive

  4. I read this news in 'The Hindu'. Veg. insect?! Tell me if you find one! Grass hopper?!

  5. Oh! you sure have found an alternative to the Food Bill government so desparately wants to pass:)

  6. Veg insect ;) ha ha..god help me..

  7. You've presented a piece of news as a story, well written! Definitely the suggestion can't work globally, it may work in some parts of the world, so they should think of more practical ways! Cheers!! :)