Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Time pass

I hear one constant remark every day from someone or the other: “Oh my God. How fast time has gone by.”
When my wife moved from Mumbai to Chennai for the birth of my daughter in 1990, a couple joined me as room partners. They later shifted to another city and we lost track. The couple recently tracked the wedding photo of my daughter on Facebook and the reaction was, “Oh my God. How fast time has gone by.”
My colleague is quitting after 16 years of service. I heard at least three other colleagues telling him, “OMG. How fast…”
Modern technology offers everything at jet speed. Distances have shrunk, snail-mails are dead, bullock carts are showpieces and virtual shopping is the norm.
So much time has been saved in travel and communication.
Yet, we do not get time to smell the roses or admire the beauty of the twinkling stars.  
What’s the reason?
Sorry, I do not have time to analyse. If you know the answer or manage to search it on Google, do email me.
And talking about time reminds me of a joke:
A wall clock fell on the ground and the owner yelled, “I hate this clock. It is always slow. Just a minute ago, my mother-in-law was standing under it.”


  1. hehe.... all of us of so caught up with work and stuff that we forget to stop and admire and love the small things that matter.

    and that is very very sad

  2. ohh yeah... how fast the time flies... in that time we have jampacked everything... including facebook and twitter :P

  3. We are running behind things to earn a living and in the meanwhile the time just passes by without our knowledge missing all the small stuff that brings happiness and smiles only to regret on a later date for having missed all the fun. So please do enjoy every moment of your life with all that you want to do.

  4. hmm...and if you get the email from anyone who loves you so much to go through all those details...do let me know too...by the way...its incredible that we have already by the quarter of the 2014...seems like yesterday I baked New Year Cake....hmm...and I hate it that only after 9 months I have to bake that cake again...hmm...not good...time is really passing by so fast...

  5. Apologies its been so long since my last visit ...... Oh my God. How fast time has gone by.

  6. ha ha...funny post, yes people are used to saying that time flies by fast but losing themselves in a busy routine, they forget to take the time to enjoy simple things around them :)