Monday, January 5, 2015

Nuggets of joy

It is small things that multiply our happiness.
I love every minute of my weekly off day.
A nagging toothache last weekend meant the evening had to be spent on a dentist’s chair. When I entered the clinic, I was told my number was 15. That meant a waiting time of minimum two hours.
I was also informed that the doctor was going on leave for two weeks from the next day.
Patience and I are poles apart.
I booked my number and went out for a walk. After more than an hour, I returned to the clinic.
When in a minute the assistant said, “Your turn,” I whistled in joy. When the dentist let me off in two minutes saying a “minor cleanup” was all that was needed, I hopped out of the clinic in such a joyful mood that the waiting patients thought I had lost my head.
What a feeling of joy!
My nephew gifted me a wristwatch last week.
When I mentioned it on social media, some creative comments from friends included, “Timely start to New Year,” “Careful, you are ‘watch’ed,” ''Timepass'' and even “Wish we all had a nephew like yours!”
The pun and fun made it a delightful day. 


  1. Happy New Year..have a wonderful year ahead,Rameshji..

  2. I have returned to blogging after a hibernation, and you know first thing I did was reading your posts! they have so much positivity and fun, it becomes the best start for the day! Lots of posts to catch up on!

  3. Happy New Year buddy! Hope the toothache never recurs!

  4. Happy New Year ! My Dad was once gifted a watch by his nephew too :-) I was reminded of that.You have to be a great uncle to get nephews like that !