Thursday, March 26, 2015

Comical day!

A morning walk can rejuvenate both the body and the mind, but I realised last week that it could also prove to be entertaining.
I stepped out on Sharjah’s Al Wahda Street when I noticed a shop cleaner menacingly waving a broom and trying to crush a cockroach. Every time he attacked, the insect dodged and eventually rushed onto the footpath.
The furious cleaner would not give up. His owner was not paying him to spare creepy-crawlers that intrude into the shop.
One, two, three..all his attempts missed the target.
Exasperated, he took a final aim and dashed towards the darting pest, when it happened.
A cyclist appeared from nowhere, dashed against the “dancing” cleaner and in the melee the roach made good its escape.
This wasn’t the only entertainment of the day. When I was returning home, I saw a man kissing his phone again and again.
“Love you,” “Love you,” he kept repeating, oblivious of the passers-by watching him.
This man obviously either lost his heart or his mind.


  1. hi, I cannot stand cockroach. I too run after them when I spot them. they smell.

  2. Lol.. Phones have become virtual partners for people now.. Both made me laugh..

  3. Ya, morning walks can be very entertaining too... and as for cockroaches... the entire species needs to be annihilated. I can see no purpose of their existence except frightening the likes of me.

  4. Mosquitos, cockroaches do crush our ego when defeated by them.And as they say, 'we all are fools in love'.

  5. Hahaha.. ! The guy kissing the phone may have opened his payslip ;-)

  6. Absolutely,very often I have come across very strange and interesting situations during morning walks