Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fashion passion

The way some people dress up seems to be getting funnier by the day. I saw a short man merrily walking around a famous Sharjah mall wearing just a blue mini-shorts and a white innerwear on top. It is now normal to see people walking around on the footpaths in their night dress during daytime.
And there was this guy who had a colourful antenna wired across his ears and protruding high above his head while listening to a song, which made him look like a perfect robot.
The messages on the T-shirts some pretty girls wear also make for funny reading. "I am looking right up there," declared one, while
another cautioned "Not for naughty eyes."
Some girls should scrutinize whether high heels are a boon or a
bane. The other day, a girl was trying to run and catch a bus while
wearing one such shoe. At least, three times she fell on the way.
By the time she reached the bus stop, the vehicle had moved on.

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