Thursday, November 27, 2008

We are with you, Mumbai

My mood? Very, very down. The city I love is under attack. Terror attack. Here is a city of 13 million, where each and every person truly believes that work is worship. The ever-active honey bees are no match to a Mumbaiite, when it comes to hard work.
And Mumbaiites do it with a smile, which makes them different from most others.
It's vibrant, dynamic (check out all the synonyms and add), and a perfect example of Unity in Diversity.
Forget the stupid politicians, I swear, each and every Mumbaiite loves this city, wherever he arrived from. It's a beautiful city that has a soul of gold and is a potpourri of many communities and cultures.
To attack such a city needs a dirty heart.
And at the very next chance, Global-Madrasi will be in Mumbai .. back to hanging out from overcrowded trains, sipping "ganna" (cane) juice on road corners, having vada pavs.
They can make Mumbai bleed, make Mumbai cry, but can never harm its spirit. Never.

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