Monday, April 13, 2009

Every drop counts

There was a time when I used to return home from night duty at 2am and at 6am my wife would scream at the top of her voice that I should get up, rush to the ground floor from my fifth floor flat and fetch water. Having seen that kind of challenge at times to get my drinking water in Mumbai, I fume when I see wastage of the precious H2O.
The reason behind my gripe now: I was at a friend’s home for dinner this week. She was chatting with me while washing the plates. The tap was running at full speed. Every minute my hand would automatically reduce the tap speed or shut it completely. Exasperated, she asked me what my problem was. “Do not waste water,” I told her.
The weather was pleasant but the AC was on. I shut the AC and put on the fan.
“I did not know you are so stingy,” she said.
“I do not mind that tag if that is the price for avoiding wastage,” I said.
How are you planning to return home? she asked.
“Better walk it. You can save fuel and money,” her words were hotter than the food.


  1. I'm on your side. Water should not be taken for granted. Every drop is precious. Your friend raises a good point though -- if we don't have far to go, it is best to walk if we can. Have an excellent week, my friend. Namaste.

  2. Even I get tensed up when I hear the sound of water dripping because of the negligence of the people to close it tightly. My servant leaves the tap open till she finishes washing the vessels. I have to keep on barking at her.

    Her comment is right, I think!!!

  3. My maid tells me that she gets up at 4 to fill water....I feel privilged..

    Few years back I had gone to Varanasi and there I realised that in Ahmedabad electricity never fails and in UP u can never find electricity.

    Matter of fact, we tend to take things easily available for granted....

    All said nd done I lol @ Better walk it. You can save fuel and money

  4. Yes, you said it right; resources are meant to be used efficiently. Those few drops of water you saved might quench the thirst of a child tomorrow.

    There is no question of being stingy in this case - use sufficiently for this day and let the excess be carried onto the next day.

    And about taking the taxi, I can only say that - it’s a pinch of nice humorous flavor added to the dish.

  5. i have to get married to receive such hot food

    nice one :P

  6. Well i still have to be dependent on my maid for hot food..or my own cooked food which only i can consume :-(

    Thanks for dropping down my blog , extremely sorry cudnt mek 2 urs as work and some prbs kept me occupied , hope to catch u all soon
    God Bless take care

  7. ha ha ha....

    at times its good to be like what you intend to be... rite... we must avoid wastage...

    i also have a penchant for switching off fans.. and lights... and everyone thinks i m all the time owrrying about paying bills... i tell my wife we dont need a cooler... and i m told to sleep in the hall if need be... so i keep quiet... ! lol

  8. Great minds think similar!!!God bless you.

  9. I agree with you and also with your friend. So how was the walk after dinner???? lol!!!!

  10. Well written. You have a natural flair for story-telling. I hope, you have been writing short stories as well.

  11. On your face!

    But yea, even I do what you do. Simple things - switching off lights when you leave room, closing taps properly...this is the least we can do!

  12. I am absolutely with you on this one. But her reaction was brilliant too :) I am even stingier. Me, I would ad electricity as well.