Sunday, April 5, 2009

The go-getters

Two close friends made me proud yesterday.
Mariecar Jara-Puyod is a razor-sharp journalist-colleague of mine. “You have to attend a function where I will receive an award,” she had been telling me for two weeks, but kept the details in suspense. When I reached the venue in Dubai yesterday along with reporter Jamil Khan, I was overcome with joy when she was bestowed the “Woman of Substance” award by the Filipino community’s famous Illustrado magazine. The humble mom of three explained to the audience the challenges and intricacies involved in the life of a journalist. Sincere work does pay, I told myself looking at her as an example.
The other friend is a journalist who is now setting her focus on medical tourism. She is such a close acquaintance that she never took objection whenever I teased her “Fatty.” I myself am one is a fact that I ignore conveniently. But the go-getter mom of a college-going arts student declared: “You will see me slim soon.” I did not take her seriously. I met her yesterday after a gap of a few days. Hold your breath. She had lost at least six kilos.
What’s the magic? I asked her.
“If you have the will you have the way. I went on a diet after consulting a doctor and joined the gym.”
The go-getters get going even as cry babies keep cribbing.


  1. I hope I don't "keep cribbing"!Your friends sound like wonderful people. It's great to be engaged and make active changes in life...and even more wonderful to obtain recognition and/or results. Thanks for sharing, R. <3

  2. lovely !!

    geee... i want to slim down tooo going to hometwon in 10 days... have to start jogging from tomorrow !

  3. This is awesome... Congrats for both of your friends from India.

  4. True. If you have the will you have the way.

  5. Thats really encouraging!!!! getting appreciated by my dear friend for my 'getting slim' workout. Thanks Ramesh.... Well looooong way to go still.

    More encouraged I am to see his friends with optimistic note...

    My best wishes for all and expect the same from all too.

  6. Hi, Ramesh! How are you, dear friend? Congratulations to both of your friends for their accomplishments. This is wonderful news. I know you feel so proud of them.

    But gosh if an extra 6 kilos makes one a "fatty" then I am REALLY in trouble. lol

    I hope you had a superb day, my friend. Best wishes always.

  7. Hey Ramesh..Congratulations to your friends! Yes, you said it right...Way is always there..when we have ill to do it...:) BTW I am an ardent traveler.
    I have started a new blog that shows my passion for traveling—unseenrajasthan

  8. So correct. Mere dreaming about slimming is not enough. One has to work hard and that is the difficult part.

  9. Thanks for looking for me. =) It means a lot. I've had a couple of rough weeks but I think things are turning for the better now.

    "Will" is a greaat power, my will sends me into the kitchen to cook something nice everytime I hear the word diet. Right now I'm thinking that a Greek sallad with extra feta would be nice and some chocolate cake on top of that... ;o)

  10. Now that was very motivating.....

  11. Six kilos in a few days? How many days are we talking here? Because more than a kilo a week is unhealthy weight loss!