Thursday, October 15, 2009

From treat to retreat

I never knew cooking would turn out to be such a nutcracker for me.
After having been spoonfed by mummy dear and betterhalf all through, I have now been left to fend for myself.
I had invited a close friend to taste my "sambar" (a cereal-based curry) last week.
The guy's initial response itself was negative.
"Why me?" he asked as if I had asked him to jump out of the window.
Somehow I convinced him and he made it to my house the next day. I served rice and then followed it up with "sambar." The moment he tasted it, his face twisted and turned in 100 different ways.
"All okay?" I asked innocently.
"I have heard of spicy sambar. How come yours is sweet?" he asked me.
Shucks. I had added sugar instead of salt. I should have told my wife not to keep sugar and salt in similar bottles.
"Taste before you serve next time," my friend cautioned before beating a hasty retreat.


  1. hehehe. thanks for warning me ahead of time. i can recommend a book for for workaholics.

  2. Ramesh! Now could this be really true? :D

  3. Cooking, when embraced, can be great fun. I agree with your friend, Ramesh. It is always best to taste your food before you serve it. I found this out the hard way myself. lol Namaste, dear friend. xox

  4. :) Well, this happens to all beginners!

  5. You could have told him its gujarati daal!! ha ha.. keep trying..

  6. ha ha ha ha!!!! Poor you!!!

    Now he will say Never me!!!

    Try again am sure it be better next time :-)

    Some things need practice u see :D

  7. Hey Ramesh,
    Saw your comment on my blog, A new begining.
    So dropped in to give you a howler. I am professional chef so in case you plan to cook again then do let me know if can share some tips with you.

  8. Ha ha ha , funny post!! I hope you use salt the next time:)

  9. hahahaha, please take the advise of Chef X who commented on this post :D poor friend - u I mean..did u think ur friend who tasted it? nah, he must have got many sympathy votes na already :D :D

  10. Get your 'sweet sambhar' recipe patented. No-one in history of cooking would have made a sweet :D


  11. Hahaha! The last bit was funny! Heard of spicy sambhar. Well, if it makes you feel better, I'd like to taste a sweet sambhar sometime :)

  12. Did you make a sweet dish too...yes,i want to know the fate of it.Fun post!!heeee

  13.'s always the woman's fault, eh ;-)

    I am so surprised you didn't start to cook earlier. There is a foodie/sex connection, ya know? If you don't believe me, just read Julie&Julia's book, the chapter about "Flaming Crepes", and you know...haha

  14. So, even in this, you managed to put part of the blame on your wife!