Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dutch Uncle

Of course, most people know Dutch Uncle (DU) is a person who gives unwelcome advice.
“Why are you looking sad?” asked DU.
In fact, I was in the best frame of mind as I have been reading The Power of Now, a good book. Anyway, I played along.
“A friend has lost job and needs money. I am not in a position to help.”
“Try to help him somehow,” he advised.
“You have lots of time. Why don’t you try some part-time job? he asked.
“Am trying.”
“Do you know I always get up before sunrise.”
“But I do not go to bed before midnight,” I retorted.
“BTW, Could you talk to your doctor friend. I need a sickness certificate.”
“But you are quite fit. I cannot,” I replied.
“It is only for record. You can’t even help me with small favours,” he replied angrily.
“I know. I do not give unsolicited advice or seek unreasonable favours.”
He has been avoiding me for a week now.


  1. And it must be peaceful for you since I week! Good for you.

  2. hahahah!

    such pple are really irritating, even if their basic intention is good!

  3. Good straight forward response. I doubt if I was you, whether i could have done it :(

  4. Thanks for ur comment & visit on my blog' Bikhare sitare".
    These r mainly memoirs....but sprinkling/mixing it with words is not possible, because thought process is in Hindi !
    When I wrote in English or Marathi, the thought process is in that particular language!
    I will give u a link, where a blogger named Shama has written in English as well..U might enjoy, what's been written..perhaps if u type "A ladder to the moon" or "A little girl & her dog" might lead you to these articles..they r simply beautiful!

  5. Ha ha. Funny one. That's a perfect answer that u gave..
    Came across yours via Babli. Good blog u have... Do drop into mine sometime..
    My Travelogue, Thozhi-Mitr-Friend, Savoir-Faire

  6. ha ha ha...u did what u should do and what he deserves...

  7. hahahaha...too hilarious...

    but buddy, you should help other human being na, that is what we are bad of u...just joking buddy...good gave him an apt reply :D

  8. :-) U have some sense of humor!!! But I liked the honest smart reply :)

  9. POWER OF NOW....aahh,this book works!The best thing about your blog is that i always leave it with a smile on my face .(I had no idea that THEY are called Dutch-Uncles).Thanks for making all of us smile.

  10. I did not know that such people were called Dutch uncle and aunties?

  11. you have a razor sharp tongue to go with that wit of urs!! deadly combo! :) :)

  12. lol...that was neat...but i have a question.
    why is it that u always ignore my current post and leave ur comments in my prev post...*raises brow*

  13. whoa Ramesh, that was some marathi...I can't speak that much too, or i would have replied to u in marathi :D Mumbai is missing u buddy, when u coming here?

    n Dubai, dunno when we r coming...but whenever we do, u will be the first one to know :)

  14. Lovely post. Very funny and hillarious.

  15. PoN will help u not feeling guilty...haha