Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chase and chastise

The elevator stopped on the 3rd floor and I was about to step out when I saw him standing there. I instantly pressed two and moved to the 2nd floor. I saw him rushing through the stairs.
I took out my mobile and acted as if I was talking to someone. I was amazed at the way he ran down the stairs at that speed at that age. He came close. I rushed to the rest room. After a minute in the smelly toilet, I came out to see him combing his hair looking at the mirror.
He’s a peon who chases me for money at the drop of a hat. 
“My brother is not well,” he started his tale.
I do not mind charity, but some seekers overdo things. I have already paid him on occasions. I also gathered that he had different tales for other colleagues.   
“I cannot spare a dirham,” I told him bluntly and walked away. No need to run or hide this time.
Oscar Wilde said it right: Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
Sounding rude? Sorry. But if you want a taste of his nagging, just send me your phone number.
NB: I saw a female friend running from him and it was real fun..haha.


  1. lol..u should have done it before he got this worse...

  2. Is that you on that cartoon
    Looks almost the same hahahaha......


    Enjoy your wee-kend
    Kareltje & Anya

  3. hmmm....and just imagine...if you were also trapped in a LIAR LIAR (JIM CARREY) situation?

    What would you have to say for yourself?

  4. haha!!
    But its sometimes better to say NO 'TODAY', rather than facing a bigger problem TOMORROW!!!

  5. hahaha. if they overdo it, they will never get help in genuine situations

  6. Ha ha ha :))
    Good riddance from a nagging pest.

  7. Sorry to hear about your plight and flight.

  8. You did the right thing. I think saying it to the face of such nagging people is the right way to go.

  9. Oscar Wilde said it right: Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
    lol tHis quote is most hilarious and so beautifully fitting in this context:D

  10. The same happens in our 300+ housing complex, Here charity goes by the name 'Bakshish'(tips). The service providers( maintenance team of sweepers, security,gardeners etc.,) start scratching their heads during festival time and even otherwise.
    There are residents who encourage them endlessly in the name of charity and finally they end up doing their private work and the common work of the society suffers.

    One has to really help the needy but not these 'kaamchors'.

  11. Ramesh, The way you started the post, I thought you were running away from him because you owe him money:)). Good one dear friend.

  12. pankaly, nee ethu senjalum athu riht tha ,

    enna, phone poderunnu solly ethuvareyum podele.

    ""ninaive oru sukham"appady thane


  13. Aaah I thought you owed that guy something. :)

  14. lol
    i think someone should start to demand money from him daily.

  15. glad you stood up for yourself...for once ;)

  16. the pic is so apt! loving it.

    i totally agree with you. the poen needs to be taught a lesson!

  17. he he he...

    sorry have not disappeared..I just got hitched..getting married in the next six was busy with all that..:P :D

    P.S U are the first person on bloggers i broke the news to..:)

  18. There are few people, they never change, because they used to this practice, we have to be smart and alert!!

  19. Initially, I thought u were running away:) Gr8 post as usual!

  20. Ramesh,

    Poor guy. You should continue to pay. Hahaha :)))