Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mama don’t preach

“Do you know what my little daughter scribbled in her notebook?” asked a shocked mom and close friend of mine.
“I wanna fall in love,” she said sounding worried. The child is just in Grade 3.
I am not surprised.
I was hearing two days ago from a teacher this story.
A Grade 4 girl rushed to the teacher and said in a hush-hush tone: “Warn this boy. He is talking nonsense and saying he will make me pregnant.”
The stunned teacher called the boy and admonished him: “She is your classmate and like your sister.”
The boy reacted: “This girl talks too much ma’am. She is spreading rumours in class that I look at porn sites.”
The teacher blushed more than the students.
These are real life stories, not made up by me.
Information explosion is having a negative impact on kids. Just like the knife that can be used for good purpose (cutting vegetables) and for killing people, Internet has dangerous flip sides. All depends on how we use the medium.
Media has been unhelpful. India’s top newspaper carries this headline on its website’s front page: “Ten kissing commandments.”
Tauba tauba. I am not getting deeper into this post. I am an innocent little lad.


  1. Yup!! Kids nowadays are too too forward, I feel sad about their lost innocence. Thanks to the media. I know about this Kissing Commandments. I read it as well :-P Sssshh!!

  2. i knowww!!! kids today know way too much!! media is indeed no help! great post. we should really insure and keep a check on the little ones!!!

    pssssstt i do not know about the kissing commandments.

  3. That is the new generation kids. Sab kuch chalta hai.

  4. / I am an innocent little lad. /
    rather innocent little dad you are!!!

  5. You might be the last innocent little lad left on the planet in that case bro... these kids aaila... and when I looked at a porn site in class tenth, my mom behaved as if I started world war II :P

  6. uh oh...Not good at all, the pace at which Next Gen is headed! Will a pair of horse-blinds help?!

  7. Todays kids are smarter than us, so they can break through filters and firewalls. But they can recognize little between good and bad. So we are in fo rit. Alas.

  8. exposure to too much of information than that can be handled... they themselves are not sure how to deal with it... a major concern of parents i suppose

  9. hmm....true indeed...Media has spread a deasease in all of us...even elders are not in control...

    Recently, one of my friend told me that she has given her husband ultimatum that she needs blah blah designers' SARI wore by Kajul...otherwise...


    hmm....I than talked about it to my husband...he took the name of the friend and threatened me not to talk to her again....

    I wonder why?

  10. A lot of change has happened in society too. Internet has made a revolution in pornography too and made the accessibility more universal.

  11. :) You bring out a valid point!

  12. yes, kids are growing up too fast much to our discomfort. How do we stop this from happening? We can't. With the growing influence of media and internet, this is a set thing. All we can do as parents is give them good morals, be there for them and be vigilant.

  13. Changing times, modern technology. one needs to be careful while using it.I think, regarding children parents need to be more careful.

  14. Come to your blog ... really liked the level of your writing is very good ... Happy New Year 2011 good luck

  15. Pathetic situation. Thanks for bringing it. Sometimes I feel it is bad in India as compared to the USA.

  16. nowdays i tell u UFF!

    happy new year!

  17. You've got a point there...if you see the enormity of some of the crimes, particularly cyber crimes that are taking place today, a lot of it is engineered by teens because of information explosion.

    Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year, buddy.

  18. Exactly! Kids of this Gen are super-fast, very open and transparent too! Exposure to media/internet can be two-edged sword! Parents should really know how to tackle and nurture kids! These days, in fact, parents are more worried about kiddos than adolescent children!

  19. i like the closing lines :D
    your post reminded me of when my friends and i were visiting school as ex-students some 7 years back and a boy in the first grade rushed out and asked us the meaning of the infamous four letter word. We were scandalized.
    Heading off to read more of your blog :)
    Happy New Year!