Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nice nuisance

Tired of the daily routine, a friend sat on a park bench, shut his eyes and inhaled deep when another guy grabbed a seat next to him. In seconds, the other man’s cellphone buzzed a romantic tune. Oblivious of someone sitting next to him, the stranger talked loudly for several minutes.
Just yesterday, another friend complained about how a man disturbed an entire prayer session by not stopping the ring tone from buzzing.
When he wrote about this on the FB, the reactions ranged from: “Cell phones should be banned during a prayer session,” and “I cannot understand why people bring it everywhere.” A third person opined: “Someone must have told him about the vibrations!” One comment differed: “If you are in deep prayer or meditation, why should a cellphone sound affect you?”
Are cellphones a pain in the neck?
I would gladly say “yes,” but I cannot dare dump my phone in the sea. After all, she had gifted it to me.
Now, do not ask who she is!
It is definitely not some blog friend. Blog friends have not become so large-hearted yet.


  1. heheh! nice short post :)

    yaa but cellphones have become a major reason of road accidents these days

  2. Cell phones @ times are really pain in the ass.!! They ring at wrong times with the right ones wanting to talk a lot. In such a situation I wonder - why did technology ever evolve so rapid. But yeah as you said I cant throw it either, not only cos its gifted but I love being connected.

  3. Do you mean to say my cargo got lost in the sea?! Oh! No! If it had not you would only have nice things to say about Blog friends. :)

    By the way, about cell phones what can I say, I try to keep it to a bare minimum and ... er excuse me, someone is calling... :))

  4. Good one :)
    Of course they're a pain but then you told the rest.

    To all - But ramesh ji is light hearted, he had promised me something a good 2 months back :P

    To ramesh ji - In case you forgot all about it, chalega. it's always better late than never!

  5. speaking bout cell phones... i hate my..notcoz its not the latest...its coz i wan some peace and hate being in touch all he time... afterall our ancestors lived their lives without such buzzing stuffs.....

    gud one !!!

  6. haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa good one!
    it all depends on how dependent you have become on cell..I have cell and my usage is minimal ...

  7. Was working on my 65 yrs old patient and her phone screamed the song 'Sheela ki J.....'- jolted me and embarrassed her."My naati ( grandkid)must have changed the tune",she said blushingly .
    If we ever meet i am going to gift you a cell phone ... see how large-hearted i am :):)

  8. Me too... I would gladly say yes too! But I won't throw mine either. Not because someone special gave it to me. But because that someone special would throw me in too! :D

    I believe in not spoiling friendships with gifts! :D

    P.S: Does the wife know?

  9. That mus be ur wife..or well..why shud i ask qns which are forbidden?

  10. Sheila ki jawani is really distracting, Kavita!

    Silent mode option is there. They can go out and talk.

    I am with Chowlaji! It is a gift and you have to give importance to it! Is it your daughter?!

  11. hhmmmm... undoubtedly, these cell fones have become a necessary evil of our life....and those ring tones just reflects on ones mentality perhaps.....

  12. Cell phones have become the most important part of our lives.....but very few people are considerate enough and know when to switch it is so irritating when they keep talking even in cinema hall while a movie is going on.

  13. hmm .. yest too I saw a person going in half circles in front of hanuman statue in temple talking in his mobile phone..The way hanuman himself was posing with folded hands made me ponder.. whether he pleaded for the person to quit early nnu..
    I know who gifted yu that cell phone.. tholacha tholachupuduvangalla?

  14. Cell phones have done more harm than good