Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What have you done, David!

David was happy to see me late in the afternoon.
“You have come to Dubai. You cannot go without visiting home,” he dragged me.
He was preparing tea when the bell rang.
“Hi sweetie,” he hugged her.
It was his wife, returning from school after a hard day’s labour.
“This is RR,” David introduced me.
“Hi,” she said without any interest and turned to David.
“What have you done to the house? I told you to keep it spick and span. You have made a mess.”
“Darlinggg,” he tried to appease her.
“What darling, barling? Don’t touch me David,” she shrugged. “Can’t you see I am sweating all over? There is inspection at school and you know I am going through hell.”
David looked at me like a cat from whose mouth a delicious rat had been snatched.
“You know boss. Teachers have a low pay, high tension job.”
“Ya, my wife is also a teacher,” I consoled him.
By that time, his wife had reached the kitchen.
“Daviddd..,” she yelled.
“Now what?” I murmured.
The milk on the stove had spilled over.
I looked at David sympathetically and took to my heels.


  1. hehehe Good that you ran! Never come in the way when a wife is angry ;-).

  2. Why did you run?You could have stayed there and helped him .God knows what happened, when you left.

  3. Girls do not realize what privilege they have, being married and having kids, jobs and a home, etc. There is absolutely no need to constantly peck at our spouses! That too in front of their friends?! Absolutely not acceptable!!

    Here's a link to my post in those lines: Pecking hen no more

  4. Is it really true tht marriage is a hell ??? i have almost kind of started believing it...lolzzz..

  5. hehe.. being bachelors isn't bad either :P

    Weakest LINK

  6. ooops, poor guy.... hen pecked???? :)

  7. Hey..where did my comment go! Aah well..maybe it ran away too. :)

  8. Poor David!lolz
    lady had a bad day..I guess ...
    ..its good you left..Wise Men do that!

  9. Hi Sir. YOu are tagged here :)

  10. Lol.. I particularly loved that cat and rat thing.

  11. Poor David and lucky you(good escape) :). How are you doing ?

  12. In USA husbands manage it very well.

  13. No shoulder for your friend in trouble? You're a chicken...hehehe

  14. Men machoism is over.
    Now it's either fifty fifty, or woman is in driver's seat.
    As she runs the show, it's much better to be "bheegee bili" or "pigeon" to be better off.
    Ramesh tell this to David so that he does all the cleaning as well as doing the dishes.
    What a revolution man!

  15. poor david.. a proper planning would've made it better..and well.. I could imagine how delicate it would be to sit there.. good you sneaked out.. he he..

  16. Hello Ramesh ji!
    Thank you for your comments for my 2 previous posts and cheering me up!
    Actually i tried to reply before this, but i don't know what hell the problem, the comment could not get published! APOLOGY!
    Keep smiling!!!

  17. phewwww got saved running away from there .. WARNA :)


  18. like a cat from whose mouth a delicious rat had been snatched - how I love this description.

  19. Ramesh,

    I read it before but I think it is pure fiction. I agree wives have tendency to nag but usually they are nice when there is a visitor.

  20. why womem/men change so much after marriage,or during bliss of love we are blind to see the shadow of love :)