Monday, January 30, 2012

‘Abusive’ computer

Some people are embarrassingly blunt.
We reached a relative’s house. The thrilled host declared, “How nice! Let me prepare a delicious dish.”
Half-an-hour passed with no sign of her emerging from the kitchen. My hungry little nephew said loudly, “I am hungry.” After one hour, the host appeared with boiling “Upma.” (South Indian snack made of Semolina).
My nephew’s instant reaction: “Yukkk..Upmaaa? So long for this!”
It was Parents Day at a Dubai school. One mom distributed yummy “carrot halwai” to children. A little girl tasted the sweet and instantaneously spit it out with a loud, “yukkk.”
What happened?
“I almost swallowed cardamom,” she replied.
The sweet fun ended in an awkward show as other children started imitating the girl.
"Wall Street Journal" had once mentioned about some dumb people.
A Dell technician received a call from a customer who was very angry that the computer called him "bad and invalid." He had to be told that "bad command" and "invalid" responses should not be taken personally.
One guy complained that “cup holder” on his PC had broken during warranty period. The caller had been using the CD-ROM drive as a cup holder.


  1. Guys consider yourselves lucky ... imagine their husbands' plight...everyday!

  2. hahahahah!!
    last two were classic!

  3. lol!!!!
    But seriously that much time for Upma?

  4. Oh gosh! World is sometimes fun with these dumb people around. I say the guy who used the CD-ROM as a cup holder is a genious. He has used his creativitiy to its highest limit:) How do you manage to bring the smiles out of your posts everytime.

  5. Haaaa ! Thanks for the laugh :)

  6. haha...the cup holder is tooo much!

  7. CD-ROM as cup holder....innovative idea Sir ji........:))

  8. haha kids can embarrass you big time..

  9. 1 hr for the upma.. maybe she was also make the semolina first O_O..and the abusive computers were superb :D :D :D

  10. That did made me Laugh as always Rameshji! 30 minutes for upma is gross!

  11. interesting and funny...

    thanks for visiting my blog

  12. hehe CD drive as cup holders. Seriously, even kids have more sense than that :). And upma taking so much time?

  13. I loved the last one, Ramesh! Had a good laugh!

  14. hahahaa..u mention the embarrassment caused by kids many often..

  15. he he he he the cd drive as cup holder I like that .. why did i not think of that .. I guess I am dumber than him toooo


    1. the last one was best :)
      cup holder!

  16. Abusive Computer? Good thing you haven't been in my house that past week or you'd really know what abusing the computer means...hehehe.

    Good stories, as always :)

  17. Very funny "cup holder" story. Thank you!

    The last few times I attempted to write comments on your blog, it did not take it. Hopefully this time it will.