Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love is blind, marriage is eye-opener

When my handsome nephew rang up to say he liked a girl for marriage, I was happy. “But she is short. I am in a fix,” he added.
I realised my nephew is behind time.
Soon-to-be grooms fail to understand this is a new world. Now, it’s the girls who set terms for marriage. We, boys, used to do that for generations.
I heard a few real stories on these lines:
Some parents of girls make demands from marriage counsellors, like; Can you find a groom for my daughter? But he should not have parents.” “Please tell the groom’s relatives that my daughter will not cook. We do not want hassles later.”
“My daughter is career-focussed. Child should not be a priority.”
I also read an interesting incident. A boy and girl were engaged. The girl casually asked the boy whether he had a cook at home.
“What happens when the cook takes leave?”
“You,” he said.
“What the heck does your mom do?”
The cheerful conversation ended in cancellation of marriage.
Remembered a silly joke:
Husband to wife: "I love your relatives. I like your mother-in-law better than mine."


  1. Interesting anecdotes about matchmaking.

  2. Hey Buddy, Happy new Year!

    Lols over the lines... Your post cheered me up on a dull day like today @ office.

  3. Funny anecdotes, Ramesh. Maybe if my parents had gotten involved in my engagement, I would have had a more suitable husband and still be married -- who knows. lol Happy new year, my buddy. Thinking of you always. Never out of my mind, though often out of sight. Much love and peace to you and your loved ones in 2012! Big hugs! Namaste

  4. Funny always.
    One of our relatives daughter just broke her engagement..the reason being:
    when she asked the boy something, he said, "let me ask my mom"... the girl just walked out saying, "you are still tied to your mom's pallu"
    these days everybody wants strings attached.

  5. Though, it's a current reality, yet it's way too much of a non sense.
    Macho man and now macho woman in some cases-oops.
    Let's not ignore the middle ground.
    "JIS KA KAAM USAY KO SAJHAY." Right person for the right job.
    Gender paradigm shift is thought provoking. From one danger zone to the other danger zone is crazy.
    Actually, the "spouses to be" must must must be looking for mutual understanding-- based on realities instead of unreasonable scenarios.

    Honest Compatibility:

  6. Love is cuddling on a sofa
    Marriage is one of them sleeping on a sofa.

  7. @SHOBHA,
    I hope I spelt your name right because shobha means doubt/suspician in punjabi.
    Coming to your saying "these days everybody wants strings attached."
    Yes you are absolutely right my teacher at Humber College Toronto predicted years ago, "there will not be institution of marriage after few years."
    Time of complete freedom is just around the corner, where common law union would be the only wanted thing.

    No more ducumentation or wedding, but the "compromising position/setting" thing.
    Too much freedom is much of trouble.

  8. ha ha...that was funny!!

    Dunno why love is always described as sweet and then marriage is made sound like the deadliest thing, more like a prison! may be its just not a joke, it must be true too lol!! :)

  9. nice..eye openr
    I agree we are not far frm that phase where guys have to listen gurls n their demands!
    But ladies be kind enough to be courteous in putting demands

  10. very nice!
    quite an eye opener...agreed!

  11. Ha ha ha ha!! Hilarious as always. Loved this post:)

  12. It is happening!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Ramesh!

  13. And then there are those who wont learn from others mistakes,but would commit one themselves to learn

  14. The anecdotes were very good :-)
    Today no one wants to compromise, they want the other person to sacrifice their interests for them!

  15. hilarious...Shobha has put it the right way...adding to it, the definition/limits of freedom are expanding beyond imaginations and resulting in more break-ups...

  16. Its was a great read. i am happy to know that girls are finally going up there and asking for there rights :P

  17. Not such a bad idea to set terms and conditions regarding major things before the marriage. As for afterwards, to me its a case of the two 'C's' - Communication and Compromise.

  18. ok so by all means it's best to avoid I guess ;)
    fun as always


  19. LOL at the last line..i would slap my guy if he ever said that

  20. This is my topic. As i have a lot of Indian and Sri lankan friends We discuss a lot of marriage stuff
    I hate arranged ones...But love the love marriage
    Whats wrong with love...????
    And what i always try to change...The so called shy fake faces of ladies.
    They like guys as much as Eva loved Adam.
    And why fight the feelings >Give into feelings its beautiful. Dont u think?

  21. Haaaaa ! I learnt something new here today.I am gonna ask this question to my husband .. “What the heck does your mom do?”

  22. Absolutely spot on with these incidents and I can totally relate to the sudden change we are all witnessing these days. Happy New Year to you and family, Boss. Let this be a year that brings complete joy, success and fulfillment in everything that you choose to do. Good wishes and prayers.

  23. You made me laugh once again ;) I remember the first time - decades ago - when I visited India and leafed through the marriage pages of newspapers where parents were looking for a "professional woman" for their sons. I had no idea at the time what that meant but my dirty mind run wild ;))))

  24. Thanks for making us smile so regularly.

  25. hahaaaaa....GHAR-GHAR KI KAHANI....:D

    Happy new Year....!!!

  26. he he he :) nice one sir ji..
    man has to go through so much first life and then marriage happens on top of it

    HA HA HA HAHA :)

    loved it


  27. Hee he he...Good that the boy cancelled the marriage...warna who know, he would have given the cook 100% off and his "you" would have to cook for him. To think of it, he got scared of the prospect of eating the food made by the girl and cancelled the I talking sensible? NO I know I am not hee heee...

  28. lol!!

    Yes times are seriously changing :)

    Happy New Year!

  29. truthful thought...