Monday, December 3, 2012

Glowing example of ‘tube light’

“Tube light” is a person who takes time to understand a joke.
I am a shining example of a “tube light.”
Just the other day, I posted a rain photo on FB mentioning, “It rained joy in Sharjah.” Good friend PP commented, “Thought joy was in Oman.” It took minutes for me realise she was mentioning about my friend Joy, who works in Oman.
At my earlier office, the editor used to throw the newspaper and say, “What’s this! Full of errors.” I often imitated him. One day, while doing so, a colleague waved restlessly and said, “Bossss, cool.” I did not get the hint. Suddenly, I heard a voice, “The rest are OK. But I did not wink like that.” It was my boss standing behind.
I have another “tube light” friend.
Once he reached home and yelled at his wife, “You cook as bad as your mom.” His wife signalled “Shhh..” However, he continued, “I should have gifted an expensive cookery book to her.”
“You can do it now,” came a loud voice from the next room.
He did not know that his MIL had arrived on a visit. 


  1. I'm most certainly a tube light. My husband thinks its hilarious that I normally get the punchline and start laughing minutes after everyone else has stopped.

  2. What? Let me read the post one more time.

  3. LOL Those are pretty funny. And, I can be a tube light too on many occasions :).

  4. So difficult to fix the tubelight in such a situation:)

  5. he he he .. Sometimes I am a tube light too.. :)

  6. oooops :) moment I beleive with the MIL for sure


  7. Yes,most of us have been or area" Tubelights" sometime or the other.
    In Mumbaiya language,there is another slang" Choke Kharaab Hai"

  8. Also, when you don't understand the nuances of your own mother tongue, you can sure end up looking like a "tube-light"! Ah...and those catch-22 situations...can get real sticky!

  9. lol.. Good one//mIL getting lot of compliments!

  10. You should write what happened next..hee heeee...But that guy wasnt tubelight, he was sheer dumbbbbbb!!!

  11. Ha ha. Tubelights. Nice. All of us have at some points been ther e:-)

    1. ashwini..i have been trying to post comments in blog for half hour luck..hope u read this msg..cheers nwishes