Thursday, January 3, 2013

Peanut for monkeys

As soon as I entered office my colleague remarked, “I heard you before I saw you.”
I thanked my stars. When my dad entered his office, people even from the neighbouring buildings could hear his loud voice.
It is like the elephants of Tamil Nadu that had bells hanging around their necks. The bell sound reached the streets before the elephant made its presence.
“That does not make you an elephant. You will always remain a monkey,” joked my another colleague.
“Thanks brother,” I replied.
Talking of monkeys, I am reminded of a peanut joke.
A boy opened a sachet of peanuts when a monkey grabbed the pack, relished the nuts and laughed at him. The boy slowly picked up another sachet. As the monkey stared at him, he munched gleefully and murmured, “Peanut for you, cashew for me.”


  1. monkey, donkey... all the same ;) though I guess mother knows best :)

  2. lol!

    Happy New Year :) been a long time that I commented here!!

  3. hehe Monkey joke is hilarious :). Monkeys are huge menaces. They come and destroy my plants.

  4. Please continue to make us smile like this throughout the year

  5. Great reading your posts, lots of laughs packed in everything you write, thank you Ramesh Bhai!! :)