Wednesday, January 9, 2013

‘Talking’ plants

When I pressed the doorbell of my friend, I could hear his angry voice inside the room. “I give you two days, you fool. I want you to grow fast.”
I was stunned. However, when he opened the door, he was all smiles.
“Whom were you shouting at?”
He laughed and replied, “I heard that if we hurl abuses at our plants, they grow faster.”
“Give them water, not abuses,” I advised him.
Interestingly, new research suggests that plants communicate with each other with “clicking” noises. Scientists at Bristol University used powerful loudspeakers to listen to corn saplings – and heard clicking sounds coming from their roots.
When I mentioned this to my friend, he asked, “You mean our plants spy on us and comment also?”
He turned to his wife. “You better stop arguments at home or the plants may pass comments about you.”
“I can do that if you start listening to me,” she replied.
“Come on, do not start it all over again,” he began.
I looked at the plants.
“There they go again,” I heard them whispering.  


  1. he he he :) sure it is true that plants respond to talking .. :)

    I have a plant at home that makes that clicking noise .. :)


  2. I am surprised.I always thought ,plants respond to music

  3. Hahaha...I am laughing heartily! Even I thought that they respond to music.

  4. hehe My poor plants will never get yelled at :).

  5. Interesting. Never knew this about the plants. My current landlord is a nature lover and boy! how he yells! No wonder his trees, bushes and god knows what, flourish! :P

  6. What a revolutionary discovery!

  7. I don't know about shouting at them but I always talk to my plants ...... not that this says much as I somehow manage to kill anything that isn't a cactus.

  8. ha ha...funny and interesting!! :)