Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh boy, what did the girl say?

Osho Rajneesh mixed philosophy with humour. I was reading about him and picked these two jokes from his speech to share with you.
A man loved two beautiful women and was always in trouble. (Even one beautiful woman is trouble enough..Hehe). Both the women wanted to know whom he loved most. They took him on a motorboat to a lake. Once in the middle of the lake, which was deep, they stopped the boat and told him, “We cannot take it anymore. Tell us whom you love most.” The man understood his predicament. He thought deeply and replied: “I love each of you more than the other.”
A boy was brought to court for stealing a girl’s bicycle. “I did not steal. She gave it,” he argued. “She was riding me home on the handlebars and stopped in the woods; took off her coat and jeans and said I can have anything. I preferred the bicycle.”
The philosopher’s advice: “Just be intelligent. Don’t take the bicycle,”


  1. =) Sometimes words don't work out as we had wanted them to do.

  2. As you know I love jokes and I especially love jokes from other coutries/cultures as it never fails to amaze me the same things/differences about the things we find funny.

  3. lol...! loved both the stories..! and of-course the philosophical advice :)

  4. In both the cases, take them home.

  5. ramesh bhai yeh Cycle waali ladki Millegi KAHAN .....

  6. Good jokes,
    but one question, what is that, One beautiful woman is trouble enough? Having trouble? Let me speak your wife:)

  7. Never knew that Osho Rajneesh joked as well!

  8. its nice..
    one another:

    The nagging old lady in bed for a week on doctor's advice. Nothing suits her. She complaints about the weather, the medicine and especially her husband's cooking.

    One day after taking in her breakfast tray and cleaning up the kitchen, the old man sits down in his den. She hears the scratching of his pen.

    “What are you doing now?” she calls.
    “Writng a letter.”
    “Who are you writing to?”
    “Cousing Ann.”
    “What are you writing to her about?”
    “I am telling her your are sick, but the doctors say you will be okay soon, and there is no danger.”

    And then he asks, after a small pause,
    “How do you spell cemetery? With a ‘c’ or with a ‘s’?

  9. Thought provoking...the second one :P

  10. Haha.... The bicycle one was really nice.......

  11. lol
    Don’t take the bicycle,”

  12. I love each of you more than the the other...better memorize it for the future :D

  13. hm..jokes with philosophy..strange combination!

  14. wonder what happened to the guy after saying that in the middle of the lake...
    i loved the 2nd one more:)

    and bikram yes thats a good question:)

  15. that is what you call juggling with words. too good.

  16. heh he he he.... had read these stories, but didn't know were said by Osho.
    However I think, we can say in a objective world, the boy did chose correctly cos he needed cycle more than the girl.

    There will be kids who will make a joke where he choses the girl over the cycle. Its all about perspective.

    Funny thing, this blog is funny and is about Life.

  17. Hahaha. I liked the second one. And I fear for the first guy's fate :-D

    Now what was special in that bicycle that the guy chose it!!!

  18. You seem to be too simple; now people would prefer a car!

  19. good one
    loved bikram's question :)

  20. I was reading the book " Ignorance is Bliss" by Osho. He always made his discourses interesting with stories like this.Often, choices are difficult to make.