Thursday, August 20, 2009

‘Gavaskar is 24-hours cricket’

Once I told a senior colleague Pradeep Vijaykar in sports department of The Times of India that I would like to interview Sunil Gavaskar. “Go to Nirlons, Worli,” he directed.
I rang up Nirlons and managed to talk to Gavaskar. “I am under contract. So forget the interview,” he replied. But I thought I would give it a try anyway. Took a bus to Worli, entered the reception and asked for Sunil.
“You have an appointment?”
“Yes,” I lied.
Within a few minutes, Sunil was there, surrounded by a bevy of pretty girls.
“Ramesh?” he asked.
“Hiii..Sunil,” I ran towards him.
“I told you I cannot give an interview,” he said.
“Boss, I just want to talk to you about Gavaskar and other activities. Nothing to do with cricket.”
“Gavaskar is 24-hours cricket,” he replied, winked and walked off.
You can imagine the disappointment. Looked around and saw famous cricketer of those days, Karsan Ghavri, sitting in a cabin. Ghavri was in news for some alleged comments he had made on Gavaskar.
Met him and came out with an interview titled “I was grossly misquoted,” that was published in the Evening News of India.


  1. that was some quick thinking ha! Cool! Me bit under the weather...H is good. Coming back to Pune by the 23rd.

  2. So you got an interview anyway! This reminds me to share a story of my own!

  3. that was quick thinking. you got to see gavaskar surrounded by pretty females..hmm. Did you get paid for the ghavri interview?

  4. Now that is a true journalist...siezes the moment that presents itself. Once again , well written and conveyed in a few words:)

  5. Pradeep Vijaykar meaning Pradeep MAgazine right ??

    boy you are my new best friend... ! when are you coming to mumbai from DUbai ?? huh ??

  6. tht was sme incidence..n luck :)

  7. Interesting ....very impressive work-history.

  8. This shows that if you make an effort, you are rewarded, sometimes in an unexpected manner.

  9. Very bad,i dont like cricketers gavaskar in particular were sucess has gone to his head and we indians think they are gods.

    The person who got ignored gave u a interview,u were paid for that or not?

  10. wow, that must been great. You seem to be one famous journalist. Nice meeting you. :)

  11. I am fine, thank missed my new post,i think it is not updated as yet.So please revisit and answer the question given....hmm

  12. Old Captain and stalwart Sunil Gavas kar is an asset to Indian Cricket.But More then that Journalist Ramesh's Experience is very nice.Bravo Ramesh.

  13. “Gavaskar is 24-hours cricket,” you got a best line :)