Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh dog! My ego's hurt

Poorva's interesting experience is worth sharing. Hence repeating her comment as a post. This is what she wrote from Texas:
I too had a brush with death when another "guard dog" took upon himself to protect his master!!!
My father and I were dragging an old cupboard out of the gate, when our neighbour's dog decided that we were tresspassing! He bounced towards us making a horrible noise which I suppose was a growl! My father was nearer to the entrance and had to defend himself. So he let of the massive cupboard which evidently slammed into the ground and after I broke its fall!
My father is 6.2 feet tall and when the dog jumped up, he was almost as tall as my father!
Mercifully our neighbor was watching and came running and stopped the dog by just tapping his tail! Alsatian's jaws snapped inches away from my father but thankfully he was unhurt! I ran away yelling...frightened to the core!
I ended up with minor bruises and a severely hurt ego :P!!


  1. Ohh, i have had a worser experience. I was walking through Gir forests of Gujrath, it so happened that a Huge muscular Lion pounceed upon me. The macho and brave man that i was, i decided that this bloody lion needs to taught a lesson. I moved aside, looked into the bloodshot eyes of the beast, removed my expensive watch and backpack aside, placed them on a rock and then....

    Then, I stared hard at the lion. Lion was also gaping at me. I looked intently at it, then the lion at me, then me.....the gawk continued for few minutes. And then, it pounced on me at once.I stood firm, unmoved, not even an inch.our face came close; closer and then in an instance we were inches apart, staring into each other.

    I slotted in my right hand inside its mouth and hand was pushed inside through its mouth and it went on and on....and then my hand reached its tail, through its mouth.I grabed its tail, and then, gave a hard jurk and pulled it hard. In a moment the lion was inside-out, its interior parts came out and the outer skin went inside its body. Like an inverted t-shirt..The lion tried to road, hard, and again it tried to roar.....the sound came loud at once,.....and then it went mute...silence.

    And then...i wake from my dream.....

  2. Oh that's why i am scared of dogs :(

  3. I read it earlier in the comment section ...worth sharing...thanks again.

  4. That was hilarious..reminds me of a day when a dog barked,and i barked back to make it shut up..of course that was when i was a kid..


  5. I love dogs, but this is a scary incident.

  6. dogs never come near me. *smug

  7. Your posts including this one are so hilarious.Thanks for making us smile time and again.

  8. That's so funny and a bit scary :P Thanks for sharing such funny things, which bring an instant smile on tired faces :)