Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stop nagging, darling

A Chinese husband jumped into a river unable to take his wife’s nagging, I read in a paper. Will I do the same thing? No, my wife nags too, but she knows the limit. Also, she knows I would jump into the river along with her, not alone.
I remember a friend who had a nagging wife. Wherever he went, whoever he met, she would demand to know the details. She would call him every one hour and get an update.
What is the secret of your patience? I asked him.
“You think I am henpecked?”
“Hmmmm.” I avoided a direct reply.
“One day I decided to put an end to her nagging. We had a major fight. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she told me she had no choice as her entire world revolved around me. We have no children and she’s alone at home all the time when I go out for work.”
I patted him.
“Do you and your wife fight?” he asked me innocently.
“Of course.”
“Who wins?”
“Naturally me. Why doubt?” I asked him.
“Can I tell her you have lost the gold chain she had presented to you?”
“You villain,” I vanished.
Who wants another fight and two days of “no talking” nonsense!


  1. lol! that was a good one ramesh.

  2. Ha ha ha!! WE women wouldn't HAVE to nag if you guys did the necessary without being reminded 20 times!! Ha ha ha!

  3. poor guy...satellite for a wife, so sad..did ur friend really tell the gold chain thingi to ur wife btw?

  4. :) I like the way you bash yourself up!

  5. well...LOL...if you think nagging is bad just be glad we women don't have physical strenth! ;-D

  6. aah! i gather ur wife is not a regular on your blog!! :P

    more so... nagging works at times too!! :P

  7. hey I dont nag at all. My husband will vouch for it!! I have not asked him in 13 years who he had lunch with or who called him!! Aint I great!! But the no talking nonsense I do. I can just go silent and quiet and act as if the husband doesnt exist. I love doing that at times..just for fun too..

  8. Someone I know once had a fight with his wife as she got him a very beautiful guitar and he completely forgot to get her an anniversary gift.

    He said something very simple and profound,

    "You are angry, rant about it and get it over with. But when you hold it for too long, thats when it gets annoying"

    I guess most of us cant really let go that easily despite the fact that we love someone so deeply. :)

  9. I totally and completely agree with The panaroma...he he...

  10. hahaha.. i am not letting my hubby read this. what if he jumps into the river with me!! lol

  11. Wife's just expect their husbands to take care of them.. thats the reason they just keep calling them often.. Great thought right....


  12. I so love your posts! True writing talent. =)

    I've been nagging my husband a lot for the last years and I feel bad about it, but it has to be done. He had a stroke and he forgets just about everything most days. I have to know everything about him, everything he does and everything that happens to him because on of us have to know what's happening in his life. I wish jumping into the river would cure it all... I'd even push him if necessary. =)

  13. Damn good! My mom & dad are not the nagging types... thank god!