Thursday, December 10, 2009

The chaotic charm

I was chatting with Patrick, the CEO of a company that maintains the AC bus shelters on Dubai roads.
“Are things really green in Dubai?” I asked him.
I liked the guy because he’s a diehard optimist.
“If you think things are bad, why add to negativity. Let’s embrace chaos and optimism,” he smiled.
I spent most time in a city that cuddled chaotic charm –Mumbai. So I had to readily agree.
Dubai is in news internationally for negative reasons. But the truth is that it is an amazing city, which helped people make gold from sand. These are tough times, but as Lincoln said, only the test of fire makes fine steel.
OK, OK. Let’s not get serious. Back to Ansar Salim’s new joke:
A farmer was working in a remote area when he saw a bus falling into a ditch. He reached the spot, pushed all the mud around and buried the occupants along with the bus.
After a few hours, a rescue crew arrived.
“Did you see any bus?”
“Any survivors?”
“A couple of them screaming “help, help.” But I noticed that they were politicians and thought as usual they are lying.”


  1. Good one. I needed it right now, the Ansar's joke I mean.

  2. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

  3. Optimism is the only thing that keeps us going!

    Classic joke I say!

  4. can any one suggest a similar situation for Indian politicians?
    What problem are you facing posting comments on my blog?

  5. The end line was a good pun ....i wish i could pass on the link to all of them to read it hahaha.

  6. When stuck in the negativity, looking for the arm of positivity to lead me out, chaotic charm came to the rescue. That is one true die hard optimist.

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  8. Good One!

    I wish i get a chance to bury some politicians soon. They are taking the country to dogs.

  9. Hi ramesh can we exchange links..

  10. hahahaha, that was a good joke :)

  11. did it again,created ROFL.

  12. :)Where are you my friend? So busy life?

  13. Quiet interesting post! :) I think one's hard work can convert sand into gold.

    Best wishes.

  14. LOLZ. Heard it before, but still liked it. Anyway we are having fun politically nowadays. This one added to the fun.

  15. Good one!! Your posts are really funny:)