Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cycling around Dubai

Beautiful Friday. Wonderful Friday. Why am I jumping with joy? Hey..buddies, at last I got to pedal 11 kms on a bicycle in the heart of Jumairah, Dubai. Don’t believe? OK, am posting my photo so you are doubly sure.
It has been years since I went cycling. When I used my bicycle in Mumbai, the neighbourhood would comment, “See that stingy guy. Cannot afford a scooter.” Many guys asked, “You are working in a good company. Why don’t you buy a car?” Anyway, society is meant to place hurdles and we are supposed to find our way to happiness. My dad was riding a bicycle even when he was 75.
A fitness company had organized the cycle-o-thon. Our sports editor Agnelo proved to be stronger than me. He finished the 11 kms coolly, while I struggled at the last lap a bit. Now, don’t laugh, you enemy.
OK, now I am busy packing for India trip. You people dint say what you wanted from here, so I dint buy anything for you. But my bag is full of love for you, my precious friends. Cya.


  1. Anyway, society is meant to place hurdles and we are supposed to find our way to happiness.
    Nice sarcasm. But yes, cycling in India is something which only doodhwalas supposedly do. And with the chaotic roads, it almost becomes an adventure sports.
    Have a safe journey.

  2. Good to see you get some exercise, I am sure you hardly get any and use your job as an excuse :D

    Have a great time in India. And shout if you come my way.

  3. So cool man...

    been years since I rode one!!

  4. That is so cool, Ramesh!! I hope you enjoed the cycle-o-thon.
    Here it is too cold( -16 today) to go cycling. Scandinavia was known for cycling many years ago, when people preferred cycling than driving but these past 10 years or so, it has become normal for most families to have two cars, so not many are biking to work.

    It would help the earth if more and more people chose this form of commuting.

    Good post, friend:)

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  6. Must have been fun as the weather is quite lovely nowadays. Enjoy ur vacation

  7. I haven't ridden a bicycle in years (I do not count the stationary bike on the gym floor) and this is such a shame considering how much I loved to ride in my youth. You have almost inspired me to pick up a bike and start again. I said almost... I am not quite there yet, dear buddy! haha Ramesh, I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to India. I am so happy for you! Wishing you nothing but the best always. Much peace and love to you, friend, and big hugs too. xox

  8. Enjoy your trip my friend, get me some murukku and!!

  9. Cycling is the bestest exercise, even my Salman loves it ;-)

  10. Your post reminded me that once upon a time, I used to cycle.

  11. Times are changing actually. Today, if you see someone riding a bicycle - the perception is "he cares about not polluting the environment"

    :)I don't want your love. Get me chocolates :D

    :P both will be better though

  12. You are a dashing pair, the bike and you:-)

    11 km for the first time, you must have felt that the day after.

    Enjoy your holiday with your family. Have a happy time and I wish you a glorious New Year. I am sure you take the hurdles society places on you with stride!


  13. wow ! that is really a nice effort :)

  14. It had been years since you went cycling and on a single day you managed to cycle 11 Kms :) ha ha...

    That would be something more than just exercise, your knees must've asked for pain relieving balm, did they :)

    Have happy time in India :) take care...

    Sai :)

  15. Hello ! How big Dubai is ? I mean how long does it take to cycle around it ??? Is it bigger than Finland ??
    BUT ANYWAY : Merry Xmastime and Happy New Year 2010 !!!!
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