Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wife-bashers, you cowards

I reached the first floor and rang the bell. The door had a little window through which we can see inside. The sound of the bell and the sound of a person falling down coincided. I saw my friend’s wife falling with a huge thud. She was in tears. She looked at me for a second and there was pin-drop silence. Embarrassment. Total embarrassment. After two minutes, my friend came and opened the door. I could surmise the situation. There had been a little war there. The woman had been pushed down. OMG. I could not sit there. I moved out ASAP. The funny thing is I saw the couple happily huddled together in a week. What a comical world!
I had been to another acquaintance’s house. The wife was being rushed to the doctor after a punch from her husband left her bleeding on the nose. Next day, she was massaging the hubby’s head as he had headache.
A good female friend of mine of Middle East origin had to take divorcé just to escape a violent hubby.
Shame on such husbands.
Only in my dreams I can try such a thing. So it went one day I gave a solid punch to my wife when she irritated me beyond boiling point. All she did was twist my left hand behind, warning, “Next time you try this, your won’t have your one hand to use for the computer.” Baapre, Tauba, tauba..what a dream!
Already, media reports claim that golfer Tiger Woods lost his tooth after his angry wife threw the mobile on him.

India visit

BTW, blog buddies in India. It will be great if any of you are interested in meeting over a cup of tea (hey u pay, kanjoos). Will be visiting Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai between Dec20 to Jan 9. Marina in Chennai, Forum Mall in Bangalore and Vashi, Kandivli (Mumbai) are sure spots for me. Do stay connected on rrames@hotmail.com if ya feel v can get in touch. Cheers.


  1. So sad, issues and arguments are natural, it should be a healthy argument to solve the problem, not to extend it more, then will end in such violence. Handle with care!!

  2. Enjoy your holidays my friend. Take care. See you soon with more cheers........

  3. I m still unmarried. Please don't write such posts. :P

  4. vashi in Mumbai?? Ah! we can meet!!!

    As far domestic violence is concerned if the guys are to blamed for doing this then so are ladies for taking it!!!

  5. This is a very valid topic.

    Domestic violence is prevalent across the world. In India, it hardly gets reported but so many women from all walks of life hide their bruises and learn to live on because the society's reactions are feared more than anything, other issues include family honor and all that.

    Many times, wives are hesitant to complain to anyone about this and when they do, cops and counsellors tend to dissuade them and ask them to adjust.

    The problem cannot be solved amicably or by law. It is important for the society to understand this deep rooted ugly problem, discuss issues openly and create better awareness.

    It would have been good to meet you in Delhi. Have a great trip!

  6. I agree with Smita; but few women r able to speak out.
    have a fun filled vacation

  7. loved the dream!!! i wil b in jeddah so cant meet, though i love forum mall.

  8. This is one subject I feel very strongly about. Women should speak up against it.

  9. You've chosen a sad topic but very serious one. I am with Samita and Bhagyashree on that one.

    Enjoy your family and have a wonderful vacation.

  10. I too agree with smita and sanand; Life goes on like this.............
    :( no Hyderabad in your itenary?

  11. it is so pathetic ya...this whole domestic violence thing is pretty sad...

    hope u have a great stay in India...i will let u know if we can meet up...my law masters exam is around that time only, so not sure..

  12. Have a nice holiday in India.
    When will we ever see a husband beater?

  13. Sad but it is very common...once my father-in-law locked the main grill to keep one of our wife basher tenant outside ...it was funny because i saw the wife throwing a blanket( as it was cold outside) at him from the top floor .

    Happy holiday !

  14. hope you enjoy the holidays.

  15. Women are weak. They tend to forgive easily. There isn't a way out for them. Unless of course if it gets out of hand! And it seldom does....

    Enjoy your holidays! But why would leave UAE during the winters!!! :)

  16. Hmmm......... u dnt knw abt the new generation indian women dear, they r pretty intelligent n knw well hw to handle their hubbies...

    O by the way........ hav a blast in india, njoy the holidays....... n welcme to mumbai too :)

  17. A very interesting blog.

    Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon

  18. I expect a call when you come down to Mumbai and I am going to take you out of the usual places you visit :)

    I cannot respect women who take a beating and go on living with husbands. Yes, this means I absolutely admire your wife (Shame on you!)

  19. I too cannot imagine how such things can happen with couples! I mean two educated people (or even otherwise) do not need physical violence to settle issues among them!

    Hey not venturing towards Delhi? And OK Kanjoos I will pay. :D

  20. so difficult to believe wife bashers exist among the young! even today!

    may your dreams never come true - at least this dream:-)

    know something? that's how wives should be - like the wife in your dream.