Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alive and kicking

Ya boss. Alive and kicking..just that I am being roasted in Chennai. The weather is too hot and sultry. Am also paying for my greed. Had too many Alphonso mangoes in Mumbai and hence the tsunami. Remembering you all the time. Am in Chennai for this week. Will be back to normal soon.


  1. he he he yahi hota hai when you eat all those mangoes ALL ALONE without sharing ...

  2. Alphonso!! Hmm yummylicious :-D

    Have fun!!

  3. Have fun, heard that it rained in Chennai yesterday?

  4. You know, how much are your blog posts being missed?

  5. haha...!
    well a post from you after a long time...huh (considering the speed at which you write...!).

    get well soon :)

  6. I am writing this comment while eating alphonso :P

    have a good time...


  7. Mangoes!! :)

    Had too many this season. Burp!


  8. Tsunami caused by alphonso? You sound quite like Ramesh. Have a good time.

  9. Hi friend
    It rained today in my place-Chennai has brought down the temp.a little bit.otherwise last few days we were getting grilled here.Hope you are enjoying time with family,

  10. hey friend..well in in chennai..kool..the weather has beome pretty better compared to the previous month...much much better... its raining and a cool breeze and the cloudy days..itz gr8 till now... :)..don kno bout the coming

    have a great vacation...injoy.. :D

  11. lolz :) have a nice time dear :)

    hey, i have got a bit busy with studies, so blog time restricted for sundays. so wont be able to comment much on ur blog.i read the blogs i follow on my phone when i take breaks at the library, but my phone ka internet doesn allow commenting. so plz don mind if u don't get a comment from me on ur blogs. im still readin it :) cheers

  12. Hello Dear Ramesh! It is good to see that you are well. I am so sorry for being out of touch. I will update my blog in the next few days to let everybody know what has been going on. Ramesh, I appreciate you stopping by with well wishes and positive energy. You have been a wonderful friend and I have missed you very much. I will visit again this week and share more. Much LOVE and peace to you. Your friend, Lisa XOXOXO

  13. Hey Ramesh, how are you, yeah.. really a very very long time.... was busy with exams and stuffs... now back to work...hows thing with you? sorry couldnt stay in touch. but hopefully will do from now then to ever...:) you take care... and must say your blogs are amazing to read as ever.

    Take care

  14. lol
    this happens when lots of mangoes
    share the mango pic with us
    so we will get a pie

  15. Have fun...Come back soon...Missing your mood raising posts... :)