Sunday, June 20, 2010

The ghostly game

We were talking about a deserted “ghost city.”
“Don’t talk about ghosts. I live with one,” joked my friend, hinting at his wife.
“She told the same thing about you yesterday,” I replied.
The subject refused to end.
“Have you seen a ghost?” he asked.
I have not seen one, but had a ghostly experience in Ooty. I had gone with my inlaws for vacation. Heat is OK for me but not cold. I just shiver even in slightly cooler temperatures.
My sister-in-law was alone when I went to a shop and returned. It was windy and chilly. She had not expected me to return early and peeped through the door glass. I had covered my head and half my face with a shawl. I had removed my glasses and had also applied some skin cream. To cap it all, we had all watched a horror movie the previous night.
“Who?” she asked.
“Mee,” I replied, stuttering in the cold.
“Whooo?” she asked again.
“Meeeee,” my voice refused to rise.
“Whooooooo? This time her face looked like a ghost to me through the dew-covered glass.
I had to spend at least 10 minutes on the who-me game until the door opened.


  1. Ghost stories can be spooky like hell. I had a weird experience myself but I will write about it in my post:)

  2. your really funny ramesh! i hope you'll read my latest blog post buddy. thanks!

  3. “She told the same thing about you yesterday,” I replied.. lolz... lovely. i loved that. u tell that to my husband too ;-) thats after a few years ofcourse.. ;) this post got mt laughin. one of my favs on ur blog. trust me, ur blog is sure on my favourite top 3. i love the way u put up matter in small packets n each article evokes interest to read the nxt one. and im not exaggeratin anythin :)

    and abt my ECG slap up thought, wow. im flattered. i also think like some great mind ;) wowowow!! ;) i'll tell u the origin of this thought. in hospital, we used to hope the ecg of patients who were brought almost-dead to the casualty to have ups and down. we used to hope not to see it flat. but in life we always wants a flat life with no ups n downs. irony na? then i felt, if no depressions in life, u wont understand the value of excitements. so felt ups n downs are needed. u wont even know the difference between today n tomoro if its flat n borin. so summed it up ;) howzzat?

  4. hahaha... I am the most fattu person when it comes to ghost :) I can so relate to this story.. I would never even open the door for smone looking like ghost!!!!

  5. I remember the shortest Ghost story:-

    Two 'omen meet during a train journey at mid night!

    one asked the other "do you believe in Ghosts?"

    "I don't" replied the other and vanished..

  6. ha ha ha.... ghost story...:p that reminds me of a Ghost story someone once told me... will share it soon...:D

  7. Hahahaa...I was thinking your sister-in-law thought you were ghost, but it was other way round!!

    "“She told the same thing about you yesterday,” I replied." Witty and quick!!

    And yes nanba, roamba nanna irukkaen. Thank you. :-)

  8. Don't now why but i remember your post where you wore a face pack .

    Thanks for the ghost story that i enjoyed .TC.

  9. :):)Sir, Priyanka was telling me about you :)

  10. Thank god! She did not throw anything at you! That would have been a ghastly experience. ;)

  11. Good, short , interesting and crisp narration.

  12. lol!! You cud have at least taken your name :D

  13. You like heat more than cold!How can you?:)Like Kavita said, your facepack face comes to mind!!I might go to Ooty next month. Thanks for scaring me! As it is, I found Kodaikanal extremely scary at night!!

  14. I cannot watch even Ramsay horror movies..I fail to understand why people have to roam around alone at night only? that's whn all the spooky things happen!!!!

    by the way, wo bhootavatar ki photo nai click ki kya? mala baghaicha hota.. :P

  15. hahahah...!!!
    i love the pic..!
    its kinda cute ..!

  16. Hahaha

    Both of you saw ghost...