Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Battered husbands

“Life’s a war. You are on a chariot. Fight arrows attacking you in the form of greed, anger, desire etc. Retaliate with darts of compassion and kindness. Hold on to God, who drives the chariot.” my friend was going on.
“Boss, change the subject,” I said. “No philosophy now.”
“OK, how’s your friend?”
"Which friend?”
“That guy who was regularly beaten up by his wife,” he replied.
“How do you remember something I told you years ago? Well, that guy was my landlord in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, and we as bachelors shared a room in his house. Their family of four used to sit for dinner together at the adjascent room and within minutes we would hear furious noises. The hefty woman would push him so hard that many times he landed in our room,” I recollected.
The guy would then rise up and advice us: “Mehnat se kamav, kushi se kaav.” (Work hard, eat happy).
“Poor guy,” my friend remarked.
Suddenly I woke up. “Why did you remember him now?”
“Can’t you see the bruises?” he asked, rubbing his hands.
Oh, now I understand why he turned a philosopher.


  1. Poor guy indeed. I am sure he went home drunk and his wife just gently reminded him who the real boss was in the family.
    You are such a champion of the underdogs Ramesh.I think my husband would like to meet you.

  2. Oh God! What a post..... No comments...

    You have an award waiting for you at my blog..

  3. Bhai, what can be said about such a humour filled piece of writing :) It only needs loud laughing :)

    "The hefty woman would push him so hard that many times he landed in our room" - ho ho... ha ha...

  4. Funny ,hilarious.....but seriously, i have never come across a single case of battered husband ,seen a mentally challenged lady doing it but again that's different thing.... i too sympathize with your friend(do i really? naah)Aparna is right you are a champion of the underdogs....cheers!!

  5. Hmm sounds incredulous, but we get to hear about this from time to time. Sad.

  6. take him to the party that6 58 yr old woman is having!! yah the one who puts on lipstick and hugs men in the lift..dont be selfish ramesh take the poor guy with you to that party!!

  7. poor guy indeed...one in a million case though..:)

  8. and yeah, congrats for the award...I read the comment :)

  9. frankly speaking..always a lantern when it comes to jokes!!
    how come ur friend is a philosopher when the landlord was bruised by his wife?
    meaning to say...the philosopher doesnt wear the pants in his own house?

  10. he..he..he..
    u must have been very kind to him afterwards..

  11. Hey! You have just received the Humane award from me!! :)
    pass it along to 5 others! :)

  12. who is worse: Wife beater or husband beater.
    And why do u say so? :P