Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let’s catch up

Apologies. Apologies. Please do not give that look buddies. You are too precious for me and you know that. Remembered you all the time though I could not keep in touch virtually. I swear. Just dropped betterhalf at Dubai airport and returned to office.
Strange Dubai taxi meters start with Dhs40 ($1 = 3.67 dirhams) minimum if we hire one for Sharjah from the airport. So tried a bus. The bus driver told me to get down and buy a NOL card for Dhs20. Under the new system you cannot just buy a ticket and travel anywhere in a bus in Dubai. You buy a card for Dhs 20 (called NOL card – don’t ask me the meaning. Dunno) and punch it everytime you use. Earlier me and philosopher friend Faiyaz enjoyed several bus trips as it was a flat rate of merely Dhs2 from anywhere to anywhere within the city. Gone are those days philosopher.
It was a mixed bag this week. I was feeling great with my wife taking care of the cooking aspect. After months I could eat good home food. There was too much of shopping. She smiled, I frowned as expected. On the negative side, there was domestic turbulence involving a close relative. That’s it. Let’s catch up from where we missed. Now, come on, shake hands, and say cheese.


  1. Ramesh doesn't she read your blog? I can see another turbulence coming up if she does!

    And I never knew you shopped too much :D

  2. Shopping can always guarantee some more turbulence...:)

  3. A short sweet catch up story! sweet :)

    Welcome back!

  4. welcome back buddy...why do u have to frown na all the time about shopping...all you have to do is pay the bills and lift the bags...i am sure it's not tht difficult right? ;)))


  5. strange system in Dubai....

    why don't u return to India forever ????

  6. cheese!!
    welcome back...

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment.
    You have written a very nice and sweet story. I liked it very much.

  8. These cards and and tickets have spoiled the joy of hopping into a bus and travelling. All of Europe also follow this kind of a system.You can not be spontaneous and just take a bus. First you have to hunt for a place that sells these tickets. Then you have to punch them. The whole process just freaks me out. What happened to the good old conductor and his string with a bell?

  9. So hows life without wife?? :D

    Good to see u back ;-)