Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Now is the time

At last, I managed to break a two-month jinx and go for a walk/exercise early morning. Felt awesome when I returned and started humming.
“You were down last week. The new book you are reading seems to have made you more positive,” said my roommate. He was referring to The Power of Now.
“Sort of,” I replied. “I am trying to live in the present. Past and future are not worth bothering about.”
“How can you negate past and future,” he laughed.
“Anyway. I liked an anecdote in the book,” I continued. The author was watching some ducks. They were having a merry time floating on the water in a group. Only once, a duck tried to obstruct the path of another. There was a tiff. The two fought for a few seconds. They then moved in different directions as if nothing had happened and flapped their wings “as if to shed their negative energy.” In seconds, they were all together and the past was forgotten.
“All this are OK to read. Tomorrow you get disturbing news and you will start grumbling again,” said my roommate.
“Precisely,” I replied. “Tomorrow I may get. But why waste this precious moment now speculating about tomorrow?”
Smart reply, eh! When I have brilliant friends like you, how can I not be smart? hehe
BTW, guys & gals, this is my 250th post. Do you want to pat me? Pat yourself, if this blog exists, it's because of you, you, you..


  1. Good message, when we worry about tomorrow, we forget today's blessings!!

    Wow..250!! All the best to you Ramesh.

  2. hii
    pat pat pat!!

    nice one !

  3. Congratulations for you 250th post. I hope you continue like that forever.

    But on second thoughts why bother about the future? Just celebrate today's achievements. Cheers!!!

  4. everybody preaches to live in the present...but our past defines us and our future is our purpose.

    We are human beings, not ducks !!

  5. yesterday was a past, tomorrow is future and today is a gift. that's why it is called Present...

    btw, many many congratulations...i wish to comment on ur 500th post too :)

  6. hey congrats for the 250th post :-)

    Nah! I won't pat my back :P

  7. Here's a pat: You've got an award waiting for you on my blog, please accept it! Thanks!

  8. Here's a pat from me, though I'm a late arrival at the Global Madrasi..... and yes Khalil Gibran and Kabir were always right when they said what they said...


  9. Congrats!!! Its very nice to read your posts - short, compact and yet you leave with a smile on..

  10. Congratulations on your proud of you my dear friend.

  11. Wow... Congrats Ramesh... Ippo treat venume...!!!
    Pls do wish my friend a Happy B'day at Savoir-Faire

  12. Congrats for the 250th post! Keep writing and you do write beautifully, Ramesh!

    Yes, why should we worry about happy today and you are right!

  13. Oh, I wanted to say congrats to ur 250 post celebration ;-) Way to go - you always lighten my day!

  14. Pathetic post to be honest! But yeah congrats for the 250'th..If you find time to read would be glad to read genuine comments

  15. The blog is successful because of the power of us. But the blog exists because of the power of you. :)

    Congratulations on your 250th post. :)

  16. Like you, I too live in the present.