Friday, March 20, 2009

Dance mantra

A certain company in Dubai is asking employees to “dance” their recession blues away.
“Dance is the best way to beat stress,” argued ESA, a close friend.
I floated the idea to my colleagues.
“I am drowning in a sea of distress. My hubby’s pay has been cut and allowances slashed. I know some steps in Bharatnatyam. Will it work? asked a colleague.
“Try it out,” I suggested.
“Old man, would you like to join the dance? It takes two to tango,” asked another.
“Look at yourself in the mirror,” I answered the 40-plus woman. Hey, don’t stare at me like that. I react that way whenever some snob calls me “Old Man.”
One suggested we all go for a ballet session. The list kept expanding.
Jazz, Hip-hop, novelty, lap dancing…
“We are in Middle East. How about belly dancing?” asked one.
“I know none of these,” complained another.
“Do not lie. You know at least one dance that works wonders for you,” I replied.
“Dancing to your wife’s tune.”


  1. I like to turn the music up loud and dance in my living room when I am home alone. It is so fun and really is a great stress reliever... You should give it a try!!! I hope you have a fun and wonderful weekend my dear friend, Ramesh. Namaste

  2. Grow old with grace not grump :P

    There's this friend at work who's taught himself dancing since he was a kid and now he's such an awesome dancer, he can sway girls off their :)

    That's another advantage you forgot to discuss here :)

  3. Ur wife hasn't killed you yet or what?!

  4. Dance away the blues? You got to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to do that. Most of my attempts just bring me more depression.

  5. dancing to the wives tunes...

    tell me bout it !! ;)

  6. yes rightly said. music and dance is something which can make you relax and smile all the time.. I love dancing and music and hope you like the same too..

    As always, very nice narration and excellent usage of words..


    Ps: Thank you for your comment on my last post. yes for sure a cheerful post next time..

    take care.

  7. Quite hilarious . Pl. come up with more like this one.

  8. That was a corny but a smart answer.


  9. Haha..."Dancing to your wife’s tune."

    At the start of your post, everything seems to look simple but by the time we reach the last line, it's just loud laughing :)

    Man, you rightly deserve this position - "King of Humour"