Monday, March 30, 2009

Deep pockets, short arms

I never thought using some idioms may land me in an embarrassment.
“Why do you stay alone? Share your room with somebody and save rent,” suggested a friend.
“Hobson’s choice,” I replied.
“Oh, you are sharing room with some Hobson. Then why do your grumble about high rent?” he asked innocently.
“Forget it. Order tea,” I told him.
“It is on you,” he retorted.
“You have deep pockets but short arms,” I replied.
“My arms are not short. Look here,” he stretched out his hand.


  1. Did you tell him "good, now reach that hand in your pocket and pay for tea?" haha Thank you for your kind comments. My son and I are on our way to Wilson to plant the garden, I will tell my mother that my wonderful friend Ramesh sends his regards. Peace.

  2. Some people are really wiered...My suggestion... stay like how you are, and how you want to be.. never ever care for anyone for what they speak.Live life like how you want...because we make our own destiny for the way we live today....

    Keep writing good stuff....

  3. Headline should be "Idioms for idiots?"

  4. I liked Baba Blogger's suggestion for the headline. After numerous experiences of the kind, I decided to wear a T-shirt that says: Allergic to Morons :-)

  5. I think there is some sense in what he told.We are paying such high rents and 1 only lives.In that time if you let room for another there is no lose for that. In another sense he is stingy in spending money.

  6. OK...Frankly I did not know the first Idiom [I could guess it in the sense of context...]

    As for 2nd one, it is common sense!!!

  7. you said it...just what I was thinking too ;))
    Quick wish me luck :))

  8. That was funny.
    A major part of being a good conversationalist lies in gauging your audience :)

  9. Hi Ramesh :)


    I enjoyed this post. Very hilarious! Ha,ha, ha,:):):)

    At the same time your friend is either an ignoramus or a clever man. I think he is clever because he wants to have the tea at your expense. I had a friend just like this. When we eat in a hotel, he will go to wash his hands and he will take a long time. He will come only after the bill is paid by me. Then he will appear with a big smile on his face and ask me,"Have you paid the bill?"

    Have a nice day Ramesh.
    Joseph :)

  10. I agree with!! and ask me how bad it is when you have to explain your joke !!!