Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short fuse

I try my best to control anger, but most times it controls me. Tomorrow (Friday) happens to be the day I was born (don’t remember, think 20 years ago!) and so thought would pick up a new jeans from the City Centre, Sharjah.
A friend offered to drop me by taxi while going to his office. The taxi driver rudely asked me to get down, saying he would not stop the vehicle on the way. He cited some rule that sharing is not allowed. In seconds, I blew a fuse and after a heated argument I was forced to get down and walk. Shucks, I could have down that without allowing my BP to shoot up. Lesson learnt – to be forgotten instantly as usual.
Two days ago, I advised a close friend that she should have diplomacy in dealing with things. “No point in shouting at your colleagues,” I told her. “Stop advising,” she reacted. “You are a dear buddy. That’s why,” I tried to cajole her. At the end of the conversation, she was cool and I was furious.
There are people whose only mission in life seems to infuriate others. A junior regularly came to office late. After several warnings, I told my senior to advise him. And he did.
“If you do not report at 2pm tomorrow, you are sacked,” screamed my senior at the guy. The chap glanced at me with a “handle you later” look and moved out.
Next day, he entered the office at 4pm, smiled and flashed a “good evening” to the senior. He then looked at me like a wily cat holding a helpless mouse. Well, such is life.


  1. Reminding yourself that something is not worth getting upset over is easier to do in hindsight.*sighs* Don't worry, Ramesh. You are only human. All you can do is to keep trying.

    I wish you a very Happy Birthday! I'm grateful that you were born.

  2. Good one! Yes, this is life! Tomorrow is a new day! Sleep on it!

  3. Many Many happy returns of the day. may all your desired dreams come true....

  4. Happy birthday, Ramesh. Pop the champagne
    Nothing better than to start another year of your life with a burst of justified anger. It is a proof that you are still alive and kicking :)

  5. Dear Ramesh Bhai,

    I wish you well in advance, a very very "Happy Birthday" from the bottom of my heart.

    Well buddy, enjoy yourself tomorrow to the utmost extent possible :) May all your long awaiting dreams be fulfilled tomorrow :)

    On the post --> This is life and we are here to learn lessons only to become wiser day by day.

  6. Many Many happy returns of the day......


  8. A very Happy Birthday!

    Just 20 :O u break my heart... lolz... I thought you were an older more mature man... but alas you are just a boy :P

    sorry for teasing you on ur birthday but in my defence.... you started it hahahaha :)

    Happy Birthday! May God Bless you loads n loads.

  9. A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God bless you, Ramesh! And many many Happy Returns of the DAY!

  10. Happy Birthday buddy !!!!

    and yes.... continue keeping us in splits !!

  11. hey happy birthday ramesh.... how ru, how's life... iam fine , just busy with the newly opened hotel jobs...

  12. damn! don't u have the rights to fire people yet? I swear I wudn't have been able to bear such a 'shorter' fuse I guess... :P

  13. :) Join the club - Even I am short tempered. :)

    Gotten much better at controlling it though in the last one year.

  14. Happy Birthday and hope you have a great year ahead...

    There is no harm in leting off a bit of steam every now and then. It postpones the major explosion later. I call it the pressure cooker principle.

    Do tell us How you enjoyed your Big day since you also have a day off for it

  15. Belated Happy Birthday ! Did you celebrate ?