Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random thoughts

* I was reading an article about saint Ramana Maharishi. One wonderful observation. When you enter a train with your luggage, why do you have to carry the luggage on your head. Just drop it in the train. It will carry. Analogy: If you believe in God or any superpower, just leave your baggage of worries with Him.
* A close friend, Anil Kumar, had a bizarre doubt one day. Do men cry? he asked. “I do,” I replied spontaneously. He then proceeded to ask around a dozen people seated in the canteen. Everyone nodded their heads affirmatively. “Strangely there were no tears in my eyes even when my dad passed away,” he said. Strange indeed. Should confess, during the past year, when I am sort of in “solitary confinement” here, I have had tears rolling down more often than all my earlier years.
* November to March in Sharjah are months that are comparatively pleasant. Generally, more joggers dot the corniche area where there is a wonderful joggers zone. This season I have noticed that the number of joggers has reduced considerably. Why? Dunno. Do you know?
* A phone call from Chennai was enough to upset me. With recession, negativity is in air all through Dubai and hence I could not share my thoughts with anyone. Then came a surprise. Famous blogger Nitu Pandey came online and off we went on a long chatter mode. The dentist proved to be a great counselor. When I shut the computer down, I was smiling.


  1. आपके और आपके पुरे परिवार को होली की बधाई और शुभकामनायें.


  2. The general idea that "big boys don't cry" is actually one of the worst ideas ever in my opinion. Men do need to cry just as women do and it's silly that they should have to hold back only because it's not manly to cry. Tears depends on how strong and what kind the emotional bonds are. If he didn't cry then it was because he had no reason to cry. He could have been prepared for his fathers death and through that he could have dealt with it in advance. He could also have been less emotionally attached to his father or ... it could catch up with him later on. There are many options.

    I didn't cry when my bio father died, I couldn't have cared less actually, but I still cry when I think of my grandfather even though it has been many years since he died.

  3. आप सबको होली की ढ़ेर सारी शुभकामनाएँ...

  4. That was a good thoughtful read....!!! and
    Thanks for promoting me to the counselor's chair. lol!! Am seriously thinking of changing my vocation. hehe.
    By the way , my friend loves to visit your blog...finds it very interesting with a touch of humour. Asked me to pass this message to you.
    wishing your loved ones a very happy holi.

  5. I am proud that you are my friend, Ramesh. I wish and pray for many blessings for you and your family. Namaste

    P.S. It is perfectly acceptable for all human beings to cry. Emotion is strength, I told my son this at an early age. :)

  6. And I thought you were smiling 24/7:)

    Like Anil, I don't always cry in situation where it's actually called for. Instead, I feel kind of num - and then go cry my heart out over nothings....

  7. Don't know what the big deal about tears is, and how often people tend to link 'crying' 'emotional' to genders. It's fair both ways, isn't it?

  8. come to think of it Mr. Madarasi..yours truly Punjabi wud need a job by the end of this year...I am seriously thinking of taking writing full time...and part time photography...esp. wen 'media people' come to ur blog...he he..see ya!

  9. :) Very nice narration.

    Happy Holi.


  10. Happy to read your set of randomly collected thoughts, they are quite interesting :)

    Well buddy, wishing you and your family a very Happy Holi :)

  11. Do real men cry? Indeed they do! But inside the heart.

  12. There should be no shame in crying. It only shows that one is human.