Sunday, March 15, 2009

A fun film

When I get bored, I turn to movies. And Wild Hogs turns out to be the best bet for people who look for humour. It is about four different professionals, including an IT man and a dentist, who take off a break from the rat race and hit the open road on a freewheeling motorcycle trip. They encounter a New Mexico gang called the Del Fuegos. Hilarious movie boss.
There’s particular scene where a village policeman suggests that the four go and slap a bull on its back. “That’s the way to know we do not live our lives in fear.”
When the first guy slaps the bull on its buttocks, it just ignores him.
Then the dialogue goes like this:
Dooble: Yeah, and we never seen it done twice in a row.
Stevens: What? Dooble: It'll be interesting to see how the bull takes being slapped now that he's alert.
Stevens, Dooble: Alert?
(You can visualize the fun)
Another dialogue I like:
Doug: Woody, sorry I said you had ego issues.
Woody: Sorry I said you were a pussy.
Doug: You didn't call me a pussy.
Stevens: Well, not to your face, but that's what I was thinking.
The cast includes John Travolta and Allen Wild.


  1. No movies long time for me now.... :-(

  2. I wish I had the time to be bored, there are so many funny things that I could do then... ;o)

    I've loved John Travolta since the first time I saw him back in 1978. My mother thought a movie like Grease was totally inappropriate for a girl like me and I had to get creative to be able to watch the movie. =)

  3. Yes, the movies do fill in the space...enjoy your viewing R. Ramesh! <3

  4. hmmm. havent watched a movie for a long time now.. No time... Am happy that you have

    Nice narration again.


  5. I have not seen this movie. I have seen Travolta's 'Penomenon', which I liked very much, 'Face Off' 'Look, who's talking now' etc. He is a good actor and dancer too, I read somewhere and saw a movie where he dances.

    I will look for a DVD of this movie. Thanks.

  6. I like John Travolta's action movies.

    Well yes, this one looks like a nice comic-adventure; I suppose Star Movies airs this movie Wild Hogs, I’ll watch it the next time it is aired.

  7. This movie made me laugh too. One of the teens at the group home I work at brought Wild Hogs with him when he returned from a weekend home visit and we all watched together that evening. I adore the silliness. Life is so stressful, a good dose of silly was just what the doctor ordered that day. Thank you for reminding me. Peace to you, my friend.