Monday, July 6, 2009

Bell-bottoms & rat race

Times change, fashions alter and so do attitudes.
Time: During my school days, there were no TV sets. I am not talking about the 20s, am not a fossil yet. This was the 70s. A few homes that managed to get TV sets in India would see huge crowds from their streets during broadcast of popular films or songs. And some TV owners charged money from viewers, extra for colour television.
Fashion: During the 70s, bell-bottom was a rage. The challenge was to cover your shoes completely with your pant that hung loose. I was not allowed this by my parents but my brother managed to get such pants. And he passed it on. I used to wear them, look around thinking the entire neighbourhood is looking at a star. But the lane dog will start barking and the beautiful girl, Shanti, from "Saamne vaali kidki se" (opposite window) will vanish from sight. I gave it up soon and returned to normal pants.
Attitudes: We all worked as a team a decade ago. Now, trust deficiency among colleagues is common. I know one senior journalist who works in Bangalore. He was among the best journalists in Mumbai. His new paper was recently bought by a giant group. And a young reporter was sent to lecture staff like him on ethics of journalism. Which baby does not know that journalism today is nothing but bowing to the dictates of the marketing chief? That senior journalist had quit a cushy job because he could not digest the rape of journalism by the same giant group.
Of course, the youth are intelligent and dynamic. But the rat race is ruthless.


  1. Very suitable choice of mixing Bell-bottoms & Rat race.

    Laudable Lines :

    "I am not talking about the 20s, am not a fossil yet." - ha ha.. ho ho...

    "But the lane dog will start barking and the beautiful girl, Shanti.........will vanish from sight." ha ha..

  2. Hi R,
    Thanks to you and your friend,Sai, for the link to your fave Saturday dance song, adi ennadi rakkamma. I listened to several remixes too...they are not all good! Your song is lively and cute...the first couple...the man is an unlikely spunky dancer...what fun! Thank you for your kind appreciation, too. I value your comments.

    About the bell bottoms and TV...yes, times have changed...but just these past few years those styles have returned...and my daughter wears them.

    What a scene you describe...the streets crowded...the one TV...a fee to see the's remarkable how we all live in different ways, and have various experiences and yet are still all the same.

    I'm sorry that journalism has change for the worse. Still, you can say what you want in your blog, right R.? Take care <3

  3. RR, I am a product of a journalism school and do admit that to a great extent journalism like everything else is being governed by dynamics of the market.

  4. ha! Resourceful post. You are right about the TV part and fashion. We still have my fathers bell bottom pant, preserved to keep the memories alive.
    And grrrrrrrr the rat race. I have all my plans put in place. retire asap and live life and not wait for 55-60. what say? :)))

  5. It is such a sad situation. Where has the respect for experience gone. It is a shame that people who have played a crucial role in defining journalism, today have to tolerate kids, with some degree, giving gyan about something that is their cultivation.

    On a lighter note, can we be treated to one of the photos from the bell-bottom era??? :P

  6. Attitudes have changed, so have ethics. But still the generation today seem to have the hunger to succeed which we perhaps did not have.
    India is changing my friend. From bell bottoms to low waist jeans, we have come a long way.

  7. i aagree with Sai.
    funny post, my fav part is definitely "And some TV owners charged money from viewers"
    I lmao

  8. Thanks Ramesh, You are one of the few handful of people who seemed to get my story. Thanks for reading.:)))

  9. Very good post.India is changing day by day and is becoming more modern.Gone are those days when we were small.My dad still says about the bell bottom pant he used to wear.Now every day the fashion is changing and ofcourse the new generation tends to wear western dress as they like it very much.

  10. attitudes change much faster that fashions....

  11. I publish more often at another space.. the one u follow was intended to post reviews of some enviro. journals.. bt i havent gotten around to read any new ones lately!
    but plz do visit the other space @:

    see u there soon! :)

  12. correctly said...
    some 10 years back..i watched India -australia sharjah cup in a crowd..and now i watched t20 alone my house.
    some years back,bell bottom was considered fashion its an item for fancy dress competition..!!
    and now people has become more selfish and eccentric.Now one has time to look into others matters as everyone has got hella lotta problems..!

  13. Hello :)

    Thank you for your kind comments...I've been away from my computer. I remember the 70's and the bell-bottoms...i think they're back in style ;-D my feet are so big can't seem to cover them with the bell. LOL i find myself in loose jogging pants most of the time because of the comfort. ;-D

    So very nice to meet you..i enjoy your blog very much.

  14. It is really difficult to explain to young journalists about today's journalism .

  15. bell bottoms always remind me of neetu singh!! and the rat race reminds me of kareena kapoor!! enjoyed the succint post!!

  16. Yes, journalism is ruthless and without conscience now. My brother too was wearing bell bottoms!

    When TV came to Bangalore in 1981, ours was the only home which had bought TV. The whole locality was in our house. Now, people have 2 TVs also in one home! Times are changing...

  17. i remember my chachas(uncles..i have six of them)wearing BELL-BOTTOMS and checking themselves million times in the mirror...even i wore them for quite a long time as the material used to stitch was IMPORTED(word used for synthetic material then)....and hundred washes had no bad effect on them ...later it was passed on to my younger cousin....
    Well about rat race....sad .