Saturday, July 25, 2009

Never give up

Another Saturday. Tuckkk.. early morning knock. Neighbour John smiles. “Al Vidha. We are shifting to a new place. Bye.” Yesterday, the only other neighbour I know, Parag, had shifted to Dubai where rents are falling. That leaves me alone again. The Parags had been very supportive.
Zip my lip for one hour and I may be dead. Solitary confinement is the last punishment I ever expected in life. Today happened to be one such day when loneliness struck like a thunderbolt. The couple of friends I know have gone on vacation. I should never have put on the cassette player. The “500 miles away from home” song was too touching. I don’t want to tell you the truth, well, what secret with you, my dear ones. I did cry for a second.
That much enough for the negative sentiment. You know me well now. The challenge is to bring back the smile. By night when I am writing this post, I had succeeded.
Simple. Remember MT, the Canadian college student I had mentioned once? Yesterday, when I went online I caught her on chat. Hey, I want a short piece for our newspaper, I told her. She said it’s 4.30am in Canada. She had just got up after going to bed late studying, but within 20 minutes I had the piece on my email. Salaam dear. Like my blog friend Deepak Acharya says, look at Mickey Rourke. I kept recollecting such hardworking people. Back on roll. Kept myself busy.
And evening I went to City Centre mall bookshop as usual to grab something nosy for you. Once in the book stall, my eyes reach for psychiatry and body, spirit, mind, motivation section. Grabbed a few lines for you. Have to keep it for the next post, lest this becomes too long. Take care. Even if you are forced to cry, never say die. No giving up. I am with you just like you are with me.


  1. And me & H are there for you!

  2. Don't worry. We r here. Motivation is difficult at times. But the good thing is you made it. Waiting for you next post.

  3. I hear you Ramesh, we all get lonely sometimes and experience longing. I am with you indeed and you are a very dear friend to me. Peace and love be with you. Namaste

  4. Oh R. too bad...that song makes me cry too...when people move on they leave a hole in our emotional lives but soon something comes to fill the vacuum. All is well. <3

  5. Crying is ok ...but my dear friend we want you to be happy and can you be lonely with so many friends like us? Cheer up friend....waiting for your next post...why not listen to seem to enjoy the song....but be careful ,don't fall this time....BE HAPPY.

  6. iHave been reading your blog regularly.Your Way of deliveryis admirable.You are a meanigul Journalist.Time Permits view my blog.

  7. Aah... the solitary moments of private hell! i am far too familiar with them... the only way i get over overwhelming nostalgia is by pampering myself! anything from a swimming session (my fav. sport), to pav bhaji to watching back to back movies!! :P
    works like a charm everytime... my infantile mind falls for it each time and i am back to my hyper state soon enough! And then i can move on to my grueling work with all the enthusiasm!

    BTW... can i offer to write some articles for your paper? you have complete veto power if you do not like them! I have recently discovered a literary bone in me and i am dying to publish stuff! :) pl. leme knw! :)(PS: is there anyway to bribe a journalist??.. giggles)

  8. Glad that you found cheer by the evening. Hope Sunday is treating you well.

  9. :)Never give up indeed.

    Tears make a laugh hundred times more worthwhile.

    The distance between friends is never more than a heartbeat away

    Cheesy, I know. But :P

    :) **HUGS**

  10. Hmm...that helped. I was feeling too saturated with too much of work and too many idiots around ! Like you said , maybe i should just keep going..never say die!

  11. Heyyyyy!! am back for you as well..cheer up now!!

  12. We shall be back when the duty shall call, la la la la la......

    I wont say anything, as I know for solid people like you. The greater life punches you, the greater you emerge.

  13. Don't worry, be happy, Ramesh! Good, you are back to your happy self!

    Waiting to read your next post!