Thursday, July 23, 2009

The heat is on

When it’s summer in a desert, we better grin and bear it. As my friend says it looks as if our head is emitting smoke while we walk on the roads. Already a female colleague had blood oozing through her nose. The mercury almost touches 50 on many days.
“I entered a taxi and could not bear the smell of sweat from the driver. Got down before my destination,” said a friend. It’s another matter that he himself was bathing in sweat and I could not stand near him.
My Filipina friend wanted to buy a colourful umbrella. “Which colour your boyfriend likes?” asked a co-worker. “Which boyfriend?” she asked innocently.
One is forced to take bath many times a day. “I had to take bath five times yesterday,” lamented a comrade. “Oh, you are the culprit? I was wondering how the water bill shot up so high this month and soaps keep vanishing from the rest room!” his roommate pounced on him.
I have a cap with the words “Looking Great.” A Goan friend tried to boost my morale. “Buddy, that pretty girl who has joined recently was praising you. I think she feels your cap is cute.”
“Me or the cap?” I asked.
“Obviously stupid, it’s the cap. How can she mean you?”
My God, I did not know I was talking to an enemy.


  1. ha ha ha

    Heat is indeed on ;-)

  2. Hello my dear cute friend, Ramesh! teehee I hope all is well with you. Work has kept me busy this week, but you are in my thoughts. Hope you are keeping cool today. Wishing you peace and prosperity always. :)

  3. Let me share it with you that it rained here quite well today! :D :D

  4. It does sound like the heat is on out there:) How I wish I could say that too- here it is raining again and it is supposedly summer!

  5. haha yep... talk about "feeling the heat" alrite :P

    I've heard that in the UAE even when the mercury shoots past 50 degrees, the recording made public never goes beyond 50 because if so then the authorities would have to call back the construction workers as per health restrictions.

  6. “Obviously stupid, it’s the cap. How can she mean you?” - ha ha...

    Bhai, as usual, you have weaved magical spells of humour.

    You are a "Maestro in writing Humour"

    I take inspiration from you to write humourous posts on my blog and I give all that credit to you.

    Hats off to you Ramesh Bhai, for your skill in presenting humour...


  7. :) Nice one. Liked sweaty twist in the beginning!

  8. hahahaha..never mind Ramesh, if beauty lie in the eyes of the should take it as more beholders just have eyes and no vision..:D :D..

  9. As readable and interesting as ever.

  10. Hey i want to punch that ...just kiddin,rising mercury does strange things to people...plz. post your picture with that cute cap on and see compliments flowing.How do you come up with such great post everytime?

  11. WOW! 50...that puts things into perspective.. and here i am cribbing about a measly 38! i almost feel like its cooler suddenly!! talk bout references! :D

  12. Good 'heat' stories. Sweat story is the best! Cap...hahaha!

  13. ha ha he he
    I I escapppedd..
    (Imagine me doing that twist that these youngsters do)
    This is the topic of conversation when hubby calls everyday.He ends with "Enjoy the rains dear! Should I book your tickets for next week?" :-)
    I am sure the cap is cute.;-)

  14. Hahahhahaa....Mumbai is cool now! I bet you are missing the rains!

  15. :-) such a delight to read your blog. stay cool and drinks lots of water...that's what i do. It doesn't get that hot here where i live...and very little rain. We are in a water drought.


  16. my cookie click said: "You are getter older." LOL ;-D yeah i suppose...but i feel young at heart. (they had my lucky numbers correct awesome!)

  17. Dry heat is still way better than hot and humid. Trust me!

  18. I guess that pretty girl was praising u, nor u r cap. :) there is nothing wrong if someone praises u. Remember Mickey rourke he still looks hot :)