Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chase, grab, chase again

(Continuation of yesterday’s post)
At the book stall was lined up a series of books on Sigmund Freud. Picked up one that analyses jokes psychologically. Wasn’t impressed, but will share one with you.
A man leaves her daughter with a friend and says “Take good care of her.” When he returns after a few months, he finds her pregnant. “I trusted you. How did this happen?” “Dunno. There was a screen between my son’s bed and this girl’s,” replied the friend. “What if the screen had been removed?” asked the guy. “Oh, I did not give it a thought,” said the stupid friend. It was also implied that the fellow who left his daughter with such an idiot was also a fool. I din't know jokes could be this serious. You psychologists!
I moved on to a book titled Happiness. It was interesting. The book rightly said Freud was the last person to be asked about how to be happy.
The author argues permanent happiness is a mirage. You chase, grab and chase again. No one can be permanently happy. In two decades the earning power of Americans grew 300 per cent. But their happiness quotient remained almost static, the book argues. It uses the words “Hedonistic treadmill.” When you receive a pay hike, you become happy. But once you settle with the new salary, the original negativity returns. Most of the lottery winners returned to their original negative mind status within a few months.
It argues how one spends his leisure time counts largely in happiness status.
An interesting quote I liked, but forgot the author: Experience is experiencing something we did not like to experience.
While discussing this book with a friend, he boasted, “I don’t need to read any book on happiness. I am always happy.”
“That’s good,” I replied. “What about your wife? Is she happy with your smoking habit?”
“Why do remind me of her and spoil my mood?” he was tense in a minute.


  1. Nice post.
    I liked the quote - "Experience is experiencing something which we didn't like to experience."- very much.

  2. Oh R. that was naughty to make your friend remember a bad mood!! I have also read books on happiness. I think activities do count...but if you want to work on self-improvement solitude and reflection help. I sometimes remind myself to get out into the world because I like to be alone a bit too much.

    I think we run from our mental struggles when we should just let them be...and if they try to 'boss us around', we need a quick a funny show, a brisk walk, or just take care of something or someone. Have a lovely day and peace filled day. <3

  3. Happiness is a choice. I am not happy 100% of the time and wouldn't want to be. But I am always satisfied. :) Another wonderful post, R. Namaste

  4. I am quite bugged today :( So many of my pictures of Prashar Lake have been copied. But this too shall pass :D

  5. Hello! I was quite happy today and I am! It is H's 25th Birthday tomorrow...27th July! :) He was with me was amazing fun!

  6. Hedonistic treadmill!! kinda makes success a moot point eh!! Also reminds me of the sprite ad (if not sprite..then some kind of drink ad)...

    A guy is sitting on a flight of stairs with sprite doing "aaram". his friend walks by and encourages him to work and earn money.

    The guy asks "what will you do when you earn money?"
    friend "work harder.. buy a car."
    guy "after that?"
    Friend "buy a house"
    Guy "then?"
    Friend "then earn more money and save and be rich."
    Guy "Then?"
    Friend "then will retire and do aaram"
    Guy "That is what I am doing now... why do all the work then!!"

    Ad ends with a guy in a taunting voice:
    His One Liner: "Sprite: Seedhe Baat...No Bakwaas!!"
    :) :)

  7. Pl. do read my post on courtesy shobha de.. i am waiting to read ur top 12 list!

  8. Your Happy friends comment made me laugh out loud. I get short bursts of happiness that comes and experiencing my dogs happiness when they wag thier tails and kiss me..makes me happy...same with my husband LOL

    I think they are right those one is permanently happy.. especially if you chase it.
    I enjoyed reading your post, Thanks!

  9. Great post but the best part is are your own self ...happy and funny...happiness is just one of the RASAS of life out of NAVARASAS...the best one infact....i am trying to sound intelligent and its not i give up.

  10. ohh...i am late this time "chasing" your posts..once i have read it i am happy and now again i need another post from you to keep the ball of happiness rolling...uufff..i am tired "chasing".. :D i stop chasing and sit idle to show your next post update on my blog roll.... i am HAPPY.. :D :D

  11. Buddy, i would come back to read this later tonite, since after writing a long post, i am all exhausted. thanks. :)

  12. hhahaha...another good one :)) enjoyed the conclusion :))

  13. great to see you back in the mood again!! hedonistic treadmill..I really need one!!