Thursday, July 9, 2009

Man, take it easy

I asked a colleague to finish a task, but it was not up to the mark. Naturally irritated, I told him to rework the project. He was not happy.
“You get annoyed easily these days. But what can you do! Blame it on Andropause,” he snapped back.
Andropause? What the hell has that to do with me! I decided to dig out and found an interesting piece in The Hindu newspaper by Vijay Nagaswami.
Andropause flashes vague symptoms. Men in 40-55 age group slowly become grumpy. They experience mood swings and feelings of sadness. They may blame their jobs, partners or pressures of family life.
Their muscle mass decreases. The “middle age spread” takes over as more fat gets distributed around the central and upper portions of their body. They experience back aches.
Oooff. Wait lemme breath properly.
Some men find it tough to concentrate on work. There is an accompanying decrease in libido and sexual energy. Some diagnose themselves as going through depression. Although Andropause can be part of a midlife crisis, the latter involves much more.
Andropause, like menopause, starts insidiously. Between 40 to 55 men’s primary male hormone starts slowing down.
My God, I am not going further.
Is my colleague right?
Thank God, I came across this para. “Some sail through Andropause with enviable ease, by benefiting through yoga or other exercises.”
Hey colleague, count me out man .
Grrr, I am already sweating.


  1. Hello my wonderful friend, Ramesh. :) Don't you worry about Andropause. Yoga will benefit you greatly and eat a lot of fruit and leafy greens too... you will be fine. xox Namaste

  2. Just name me the culprit who is putting such thoughts into your brains.

  3. So you are joining Yoga classes soon? :D

  4. Andropause? wow. didnt know such a thing really existed... i guess it is also a gift of our high paced life...

  5. hehe, some doc will come with a new pause. mid life or early life, everyday is a struggle. And its true what they say, The art of living,to live is an art.:))

  6. Interesting! I never heard of Andropause. Men-0-pause yeah I'm almost there ;-D . Eating lots of Soy tofu. I'll give this info to my husband, Thank you.

    I have question. What does Madrasi mean in your blog title? and what is "IT" in your about me? you say: "wife educationist; daughter focusing on IT"

    what do you mean, wife educationist?

    sorry for all the questions...hope you don't mind me asking.

    Have a great day (((Hugs)))

  7. Say cheese-24/7 that cracks me up in laughing LOL ;-D

  8. Thank you Ramesh :-)

    I was a little confused and there is so much I don't know in life. (History and stuff) Funny because my husband and daughter are teachers too. I'm a student of life and homemaker. I have one daughter...shes 29 years old. So Happy meeting you here in blogger world!

  9. Best wishes to your family and dear ones. :-)

    I enjoy your cookie click ;-D

  10. If we go through menopause its only fair that you guys go through andropause..

  11. hahah! this is news... now i have something to hit back my older siblings/guys in general wen they annoy me wit their PMS dialogues!! thanks!! :) :P

  12. LOlz. Chill ya! Your colleague is just lazy!

  13. Bhai, what you wrote is for the 40-55 age group men, right?

    But Man, you come under "youth" - don't you?

    Well you are just "sweet 16" so there is no need to invite such thoughts just yet, keep cool, enjoy life :)

    Continue with your dancing to kick off such ideas given by some people around, take care buddy...

    Cheers, Sai.

  14. Yes, I have read that like women face menopause, men also face this problem, but had forgotten the name! Join yoga class now!

  15. hmmm.....dats a gloomy picture you have shown...can't be that bad !!! can it????

  16. hmm I thought you were younger than mid 40s

  17. No wonder my husband enrolled for a yoga class a month back. Must have read the same article. You dont worry. You can never be grumpy.

  18. Don't think too much. Just relax :)

  19. Anyone who reads your pieces will be absolutely sure that you do not suffer from andropause.