Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a pleasure, this pain!

Saturday being my off day I enjoy it thoroughly. Today no exception. Morning started off well with a spiritual song, cleaning the kitchen, then bathroom. When I wash the toilet, I remember Gandhi, how humble it makes one. Put on the computer and was thrilled to see 50th member (only friends, no “followers”) Ava has joined. My friends are your friends, and yours mine. Hence a little clap for her.. Plz plzz.. Thanks.
OK, as I said I was in good mood. My stereo set was loud. I always keep it like that. And suddenly I heard that song. It’s a Tamil song of the 70s (Madrasis, you know this song, Sivaji’s adi ennadi raakamma, translated..hey what ya Raakamma.. Plz don’t laugh at my translation every time).What a song man! Literally rocks.
First I started tapping the table, slowly my legs started moving right to left and back to front. I looked at the mirror. The image said “Go for it.” And then it started. The dance.
MJ would have given up if he had seen me dancing. It was a “tappanguthu” (Tamil) style song (What in English I dunno, rap, pop?!) I brought my right elbow to the front, my left leg moved backwards automatically, right elbow front, right leg moved back.
Again, the mirror echoed, Great going dude. (My dance-loving daughter’s voice screamed in my mind –Papa you are insulting dancers). I was determined to listen to the mirror image.
And then it happened. I lifted my right leg a little above the needed height and bummm…I fell flat..With my bum hitting the ground.
The pain. What a pleasure it is.


  1. Thats a happy man!! Cheers!! reminded me of KK dancing in honey moon travels!

  2. What a delight! I so enjoyed your post...and "Not fair" to leave the ignorant to the song please? I want to hear it, too. Maybe I will "bust a few moves" myself!!! Okay, I admit it! I got up off the couch and danced along with the finale of "Slum Dog Millionaire"- yes, I many times (I confess!)

    Btw I feel the same way about "friends not followers" I like to get to know the people who read my blog. I love the group you have assembled here. Congratulations on your 50!! Who ever can have enough friends, especially the kind that don't make demands. :-)

    Have a lovely Saturday, R. <3

  3. haha, so you made MJ give up? Quite a sight it must be.
    And about gandhi, he cleaned the toilet of others and thats truly humbling. To clean own toilet, its necessity(and where is the humbleness?).

    Nice post:)))

  4. Shit! Hope it doesn't much now! I fell too recently! Lolz cool moves I must say!

  5. Villege songs are always nice to hear.If you can try twice you can dance ,become Great Prabhudeva.Keep up the Spirit of writing.

  6. are you now? hope ure fine ...
    ha ha..i i loved it..n this is how fake dancers end up with..!!

  7. hey u now fine rite??

    ha ha..i loved it..n this is how fake dancers end up with..I 'vl teach you proper dancing ..if u pay me :-p.

  8. aah! :)
    dancing makes a person happier! truly! :)
    it has something to do with endorphins..that are also released when you exercise! :)

  9. Hahaha!! They say shake a leg and you literally did :P

  10. :-) nice post. wish u a very happy sunday..

  11. Haha .. instant aerobics..

  12. RR, let me be a little saddist. I don't know why but I would loved to see you falling down. he he

  13. "Papa you are insulting dancers" - Ha ha ha... You are an "expert" in writing humour.

    Man, you write so well and bring smiles to everyone around - Why only 50 friends till now?? I hope the number doubles very soon...

    I feel that your blog needs more recognition than what it has now. Let us celebrate in a big way - on the day when your blog gets listed in the "Blogs of Note". I'm not kidding, you deserve that, don't you?

    Well yes, Adi Ennadi Rakkamma from Pattikkada Pattanama is a lovely evergreen song, really such beautiful voice TMS has.

    So you are fond of dancing to the tunes of evergreen songs? keep going...

    You should have posted the video of your dance here so that all your readers would have looked for a Sivaji in you...ha ha...

    Keep smiling and dancing every single day, always be happy, enjoy life, take care...

    Cheers Sai.

  14. Hi, Ramesh! xoxoxo I hope all is well with you. I enjoyed this post and your previous one as well. I love your humor. Be well. Peace, friend. :)

  15. This morning a bird whispered Dubai felt tremors. lol!!!!Ramesh what happened to the dancing shoes that was gifted to time do use them . jokes apart hope the fall was not a bad one.take care.

  16. hello ah? super..kalakungo..ana sema song that one! will keep visitin..tak care!

  17. Bhai, I never tried to download this song before. Most of the time, I listen to songs online and sometimes watch them on you tube.

    Now after you told about it, I tried to look for any free download options of the mp3 through search engines, but there is no such site which readily offers it.

    I'm surprised, it is such a mega hit song, I have known it since early school days and there is no mp3 shared on the net? May be we need to search more...

    Anyway, adi ennadi rakkamma can be enjoyed on you tube -->

    Cheers, Sai.

  18. SMILE
    congrats for your 50 friends. Thanks for being one of mine.
    PS: you should post a video of you dancing, hahahaahah

  19. haha.. it seems you were in a very jolly mood when you had a fall... its good to do such things which people call silly every once in a while... and about the question you asked, I am good... i try to be regular to blogger by have too much work... but sooner or later i read people i follow... how have you been?

  20. Haha. Always be this happy! But not necessary that you fall on your bum everytime!!

  21. Lovely post.I love your humour.Keep writing.You are really a very good writer.

  22. There is no gain without pain... or atleast that is what my dance instructor used to say.

    could not help laughing at this one.

  23. oh no ! dunt do that again Ramesh sir :P

  24. Loved it! Its great to start the day with music dancing and laughter ;-D
    keep smiling, singing and dancing. Happy Feet! yeah!

  25. Just checked out the song in YOU TUBE...great of my most fav. post of yours....i am still laughing....some smiles at last...sonny is down with travelers tummy ...thanks for being such a great friend.