Monday, October 20, 2008

tongue, taste, tummy

I am not going to bite my tongue on this; have burnt my fingers, literally. I mean sending off my family to the native country (of course, unavoidable situation) and staying alone is proving to be a big challenge. And topping the list is cooking. A cut in the finger while chopping onions, burning my hand while cooking rice and allowing milk to spill (thanks to the stupid wrong-time phones calls) and crying over spilt milk.. Have had it full. Poor bachelors and married-bachelors. Bury your worry. Global-Madrasi has decided to post recipes – simple and easy ones. (how sad, I am a veggie, folks). Global-Madrasi will also salute those who contribute non-veg recipes..(But do not mention about it to Heather-Mills, she has just donated $1m in Vegan food to children in New York)..Happy cooking..

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