Monday, October 8, 2012

Work or picnic?

I used to organise picnics in my earlier office, but left the tough task of collecting money with my colleague, DG.
DG was a friendly, casual person. One day, another colleague SI was engrossed in editing a front page copy when DG stepped in.
“Where’s the money?” he asked.
“I am very busy. Talk later,” she replied.
He repeated the question.
“Can’t you see I am editing for front page?” she asked, visibly annoyed.
DG’s spontaneous reaction made everyone laugh: “Arre baba. What’s important? Work or picnic?
My frivolous nature got me in trouble many times, but also saved me.
I was chatting loudly when the newspaper’s famous cartoonist rushed out of his cabin and angrily looked around to check who was making noise. There was sudden pin-drop silence. He glanced at me, cooled down a little and moved back with the words, “Ohh, you are here. That’s why.”
Have you heard this joke? 
“You are a perfect fool,” she said.
“Don’t try sweet talk. No one is perfect,” he replied.  


  1. hehe When you are around, laughs cannot be far behind :).

  2. Lol!! seems the vacation troubles are finally over and you are back in form. loved the read.

  3. ha ha..U got that to blog.. should be careful when you are around..

  4. your posts always lighten my day!

  5. Thats a cool getaway from a tight situation!!! Witty :)

  6. New age adage :
    Global Madrasi(laughter) is the best medicine.

  7. It is my firm belief that everything should stop at the mention of a picnic. Great post as always, thanks.

  8. Of course Picnic is more important :D

    How have u been ?

  9. Ofcourse picnic! Don't you agree?!

  10. picnic is obvously more important!! :)

  11. These are moments that makes work enjoyable!