Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quirky characters

I entered my office scratching my left palm.
“What happened?” asked my senior colleague.
“Just itching,” I replied.
“Itching on the left palm indicates you will get money,” he predicted, adding, “throw a party once you get the money.”
I wish the prediction came true. It’s already a week.
There are many who still hold on to strange beliefs.
One friend used to sit immediately if someone called him by his name from behind. A friend from Pakistan mentioned about an eccentric doctor who used to whitewash his clinic every day. Another person had the weird habit of cleaning apple with a tooth brush before eating.
Once I met a stranger and we shook hands.
He said, “Your hands are cold. That means you have a warm heart.”
I did not tell him I had just returned from an ice-cold air-conditioned room.


  1. Remember,pimple on your nose= someone likes you.
    Harmless superstitions :)

  2. Aha,superstition.
    As for me,I am very superstitious .
    I won't walk under a staircase,
    I won't go out if one sneezed.
    And yes,I follow timings of Rahul Kalam regularly

  3. Lol at a guy mistakenly linking your AC turned cold hands to your warm heart!

  4. The last incident is the best!!lol

  5. whitewash his clinic every day? *faints*

  6. Ha!ha! I am one of those quirky people except that I keep my quirks to myself and think a lot of times before verbalizing it out :) I decide what a person is based on their face and handwriting :P It takes me actually 5 minutes to form an opinion of someone and till date, I am glad to say my instincts have been never wrong :D

  7. Whitewashing his clinic everyday? Height of superstition!

    I have heard about the first one! Left eye twitch - good, right eye twitch - bad! These things should be taken lightly!

  8. lol!!

    I have deleted my google plus account and reverted to old blogger profile. Please try visiting once and let me know if there is a difference. Thanks Ramesh for letting me know about this problem.

  9. Quirky really quirky. Very well written. Last one clearly stands out for me :)

  10. Cold hand or not, I do know you have a warm heart!