Sunday, May 29, 2011


 It was great meeting a group of new friends at Deira City Centre, Dubai this week. We were there as part of a blog/website discussion. The participants included nationals from Bosnia and Pakistan. Let the photo speak.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crazy doubts, shaky confidence

“Will my Lebanese boyfriend return to me?” asked a dear friend with tears in her eyes.
“If you believe he will, he will. If the bond is sincere, why doubt?” I responded.
It was then I realised how most of us, including myself, spend time worrying, living in the past or future and never in the present.
Doubts are our worst enemies. Experience teaches me that we have to live with confidence and accept what comes.
Two examples come to mind.
A man was falling into a deep well. “If you are true, save me, my Lord,” he prayed. He escaped, but had bruises. “You betrayed me and I got injuries. I was your devotee,” he complained. “You trusted me, but only partially. Recollect your words,” came the reply. The man had doubts while seeking help.
Doubts and faith are not the best of friends.
Now the story about acceptance: A millionaire decided to give up worldly life. He went to a remote area and sat in deep meditation. Two thieves being chased by policemen for a jewel theft reached the spot, decorated him with the jewel and escaped. The guy was roughed up and taken to the police station. He was freed, but was shaken by the fact that he was innocent and yet had to face unpleasant experiences.
Many a times, we face problems for no mistake of ours, right?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


These are some of the recent clicks on the same great-grand father donated mobile.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Your password is incorrect

Caught in the Net, children have their own funny Web of activities.
I asked my school-going daughter why she was angry.
“This stupid classmate of mine,” she replied.
What happened?
She went on: “You know I am a fan of Vin Diesel. I have incorporated his name in my e-mail ID.”
“My classmate BB is now using ‘petrol’ as username,” she frowned. “That’s not all, PD has now texted me she prefers ‘kerosenePD’.”
“Do not get angry,” I tried to convince her.
“They fooled me last week also after reading an Internet joke,” she complained.
What did they do?
They suggested I should use the word “Incorrect” as password.
“In case I forget my password, the computer will say, ‘your password is incorrect.’”

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fish for a veggie

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack, wrote Rudyard Kipling.
Good team is a blessing, just like neighbours. Also, team work involves fun.
I remember a story in a children’s magazine. A man hunting for a job meets a circus manager. “A popular gorilla in my circus has died. I will put on a gorilla costume for you. Act typically and cheer the crowd,” the manager said. The man took up the challenge and soon became popular. One day, the “gorilla” leaped, but unfortunately landed in the next cage where a ferocious lion roared. The “gorilla” screamed as the lion jumped. Then it happened. The lion caught the gorilla and whispered, “Idiot, quietly escape to your cage or both of us will lose our jobs.”
I had a personal experience too. It was a seminar in Delhi organised by my earlier newspaper in Mumbai. When I was merrily gulping food during lunchtime, a famous but mischievous chief reporter SB rushed towards me, hurriedly put something on my plate and said: “Excellent potato bhajiya, try.” I should have thought twice about his sudden affection, but did not do so and paid a price. It was actually a fish dish and I am a veggie. It was too late to react; I had already digested a tiny piece.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Only fools win arguments

He loves to argue. It’s some sort of passion for him.
“You are a good guy,” I told him.
“What do you mean? Everyone says I am argumentative,” he said.
“Forget others. I know you work hard,” I said.
“What’s the use? I hardly earn enough.”
“All will be fine buddy,” I tried to convince him.
“Then why don’t you exchange your salary with me?”
I realised there was no point in trying to convince him.
“OK, take care,” I tried to move off.
“Listen, I know how to take care of myself. You better take care,” was his reply.
It took so long to realise I was an idiot who tried to convince a fool.
Someone rightly said: “Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”
You might have heard this joke:
After an argument, husband pointed at a buffalo and told his wife:
“There goes your relative.”
“Yep,” she replied, “My in-law.”

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beauties behind bars

We were walking on Al Wahda Street when my friend suddenly said, “See those beauties. Sad, they are in a cage.”
I turned and saw those two attractive parrots ‑ a cute pair – caged and displayed outside a shop. I remembered my younger days when I watched from the window parrots biting off juicy mangoes from a tree and passing off a “Not for you, stupid,” look.
It was tough to see the stunning beauties in multiple colours and apple-
red beak shunted behind bars, unable to even flap their wings leisurely
or fly beyond a foot.
What a contradiction! Just recently, I saw that ugly crocodile dozing
off in muddy water at a zoo. All that s/he did was to open an eye,
wink at me and blissfully doze off again.
“Just like money, beauty is not everything,” I told my friend and he
looked impressed with the “great philosophy.”
When I returned home, my wife shouted, “Where did you vanish? I
kept that Garnier dye ready for you.”
Hey, talking about beauty reminds me of the joke you might have heard.
“Wow, you look dazzling,” he said.
“Thanksss…,” she blushed.
“Must have spent at least three hours at the saloon,” he murmured.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Smart dodgers

Some are experts in evading when we make requests.
I asked my daughter to go to a nearby shop and get the TV remote replaced.
“What if that shop is closed?” she asked.
“There is one opposite. Try there.”
“If I do not get the remote there also?” she asked still playing some game on her mobile.
“Well, try the electronic shop at the end of the road. They sure must have it,” I was annoyed.
She still had her eyes on her mobile.
“That store is closed most of the time. What do I do if they are not open now,” she murmured.
“Then come back,” I replied.
“In that case, why go at all?
I grabbed the cell from her hand and had to literally push her to the shop.